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Non profit organization - will be this accepted?

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Hallo everyone! I have idea and I want to change some things. I come from east EU, from one of the low income country. Biggest issue is high unemployment. And I would like to change something in my city as first. So I was considering to start own non profit organization, that will do the following: - offering job/income opportunities for everyone who will join my program,


Program: Everyone on the planet know something no matter education level if one is in good health contition. Everyone know how to clean, move things, use iron (just an examples) or someone can farm nice apples or patatoes or whatever that grow..


My idea is to create a web page that will offer this kind of services or products for sale that unemployed people can realy do. For example, 3 unemployed persons will say they can iron very well. I will add them into my page under IRON SERVICES (example) and I will promote Iron services on AdWords. Visitors will order this services and unemployed will do their work or sell their home made things.


All money transactions will go on the Non profit org. account, if applicaple for tax, and netto sum from income will be paid directy on the person account.

I can imagine this as successful opportunity for everyone, at least to give people some chance to offer home made products or hand-services on local market that unemployed can do.


Its not like non profit organizations that ASKs money ,donations. We will not ask for help, we will offer services or products in return of job opportunity.


Can this be acceptable for AdGrants?


Thank you all!! Best regards Michal

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Non profit organization - will be this accepted?

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Hi Michal,


Thanks for posting to the Community. We cannot advise on the eligibility of specific business and nonprofit types on this forum, since there are a number of elgibility criteria and requirements that must be met. All potential Ad Grant nonprofits need to meet the eligibility criteria outlined here


Good luck!