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Next level Ad Grants: Beyond website traffic?

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I've been managing an Ad Grants account for a small non-profit in Silicon Valley and am pleased to say we went from using less than $10/month on Ad Grants spend to more than $4K in October! A full 75% of our website traffic last month was from AdWords! But our bounce rate is still a little higher than I'd like (55-60%) and ultimately, we'd like to nurture these visitors into supporters.

Questions for folks who have/are running successful AdWords campaigns:

  • Do you have a unique landing page for AdWords ads? (For all of them? Just for some?)
  • I have found plenty of resources on "Ad Grants 101"...but are there resources out there for more intermediate users? I'm looking to level up! Now that my ads are really getting traction, how can I optimize them even more?

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Next level Ad Grants: Beyond website traffic?

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Hi Amanda,


For advanced user resources, Ad Grants and regular AdWords are essentially the same.


The only difference is the $2 bid limit. This means that your primary focus should be Quality Score, and how you convert visitors should be secondary. 


So, the most important aspects of your campaign are compelling relevant ads, and a landing page that it is relevant to the keywords, and encourages people to stay and explore your site, or take action.


More so than regular accounts, the key to success can come from thinking "outside of the box". Bidding on keywords like "donate to a charity" won't work because there are hundreds of Ad Grants users already doing that.


Ideally create content that is indirectly related to your cause, that has search volume but no commercial value. Use the Keywords Planner to find high volume / low competition / low CPC keywords and topics.



Next level Ad Grants: Beyond website traffic?

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Hello @Amanda


The answer depends on your goal, is your goal to raise awareness about your NGO? Or do you want the visitor to take an action (make a donation, fill a form .. etc) on the landing page?


If it is the later, then probably you'll need to create a new landing page or optimize the one you are have.


I'll gladly help with this (free of charge of course!) if I can, please provide me with more information about your NGO.