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How to know if I made non profit account?

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I am the social media manager for talkaboutparenting.  They have told me that they set up a non profit account.  From what I understand is that when you do that you get some type of grant money, that would be what is used for the budget.  Is this correct?  They dont seem to know anything about who set up the account or if it was even registered as a non profit  account.  I guess my question is,  1.) how do I know if they signed up as a non profit,  2.) is there a usual, basic, amount for non profits that they use as a budget?  I need to get this up and running by Monday.  I understand that I will probably have to call them(support) but I figured I would try here first. 

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Re: How to know if I made non profit account?

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Hi Shirlee,

Upon grants approval. the account would get a budget of $10,000 a month. This means you can run ads worth that amount which would then be waived off by Google.

You can check the primary email address that signed up for the account to know if they've signed up as a non profit, as they'd be receiving an email about grants approval. Or you can call the support line (if you know the Customer ID and the log in email) tomorrow and they'd be able to tell you.

Hope that helps!
Sumanth Sridhar

Re: How to know if I made non profit account?

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Hi Shirlee S,
Sumanth is correct in that you get a budget for AdWords as opposed to actual grant money. 


The easiest way to determine if an AdWords account is set up as an Ad Grants account is to look at AdWords billing summary page. You can find instructions on how to do that here:


If there is any payment information provided, then it is NOT an Ad Grants account but a full fledged paid account. Any clicks generated by this account will be billed.


With regards to your second question, "is there a usual, basic, amount for non profits that they use as a budget?" Yes, there is. The account would have a budget of 329/day which equals out to $10,000 per month.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to post here in the Ad Grants forum, we are certainly glad to help you,