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How long does it take to get measurable results?

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Just started a Google Ad Grants account for a nonprofit missions organization, and we have been struggling to get impressions and clicks. Our main goal right now is to get traffic to the website through the landing page. We have quality landing pages. However, a lot of our keywords are either "low searched" terms or lower than the first page bid (max bid is $2 for grant). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: How long does it take to get measurable results?

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Hi @Gabby Y when you're not getting the exposure you want, you need to widen the net you're casting.  With AdWords there's three key ways to do this; budget, Keywords and targeting.


Keywords:  What sort of match type are you using for your keywords?  While it's good to use tighter match types and keywords that are highly relevant, it is possible to go too far and create keywords that are simply searched very rarely so instead of "blue high heel suede shoes" you should perhaps try just "blue suede shoes" for a while.  Alternatively, if you're using Exact matches, try using Phrase matches or Modified Broad Matches to allow more search terms to match.


Targeting:  What sort of region are you targeting?  If you're using radius targeting, try increasing the radius.  It's common to see AdWords Accounts where the targeted radius (or region) is really too small and while going too large can mean some people seeing your Ads from a fair distance, it's better that way around than to miss potential customers (especially when your Ads/Extensions may discourage clicks from far away).


Budget:  Since you're a grant customer there are limitations here, but look at how your budget is spread.  Having too many Keywords sharing a budget can make all of them work inefficiently so look at your structure and consider whether it'd be useful to reduce the number of Keywords competing for the budget you have available, perhaps by pausing entire Ad Groups.


From a CPC point of view, although you're limited in what you can bid, make sure you make the most of that bid by hitting a good Quality Score.  Do you know what you're currently seeing for your Keywords for this?  Make sure your Keywords are tightly themed within a Group, match the Ad and the landing page closely and that the landing page loads quickly and follows Google's guidelines for customer appeal.



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