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How long do we have before we have to activate?

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We are grateful for the Ad Grants award. However, we are in the midst of a website redesign and might want to refrain from Ad Grant campaign design until then. I know the timer is 30 days for program review after we activate the account, but what is the policy until then? The website completion time was late summer, but has been pushed back until fall.

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Re: How long do we have before we have to activate?

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@Park P

OK, a list of questions for you:

  • Have you already applied and been approved for the Ad Grant? 
  • Is your current website accessable?
  • Will the website redesign substantially change your content?
  • Is the organization's mission changing along with the new website?

If you have already been approved for the Ad Grant, then be aware that there is an Active Management policy that requires you to sign into the account at least once a month and make a change to the account at least once every 90-days or risk suspension of the account.


If your current website is accessible, I would recommend that you create a campaign based off of that content and manage it until the new website is launched and then create a new campaign based on the content/landing pages of the new website.


If your content is substantially changing because the mission of your organization is changing then there will be other steps that you will need to take. 


Re: How long do we have before we have to activate?

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Thanks for your reply.

We have been approved for the grant program, but have not activated an Ad
Grants account. The page you referenced has the sentence, "Once your
AdWords account has been activated for Ad Grants, there are still some
requirements for actively managing your account."

I know about the monthly and 90 day review/check-in, but our account hasn't
been activated yet. I am asking about the time we have BEFORE we activate
the account.

Our website will drastically change. We are changing colors,
content/information structure, logo and we almost changed the name. Our
underlying mission isn't changing, but our tagline and verbiage surrounding
it will change.