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How does the billing for Google Grants work?

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I have everything set up just like the instructions said. Max CPC is set to $2.00, search network only, etc. I have the campaign created, ad group and keywords along with the ad being attached to a landing page. It will let me make the campaign active, but I have it paused right now. I use Adwords on the "paying" I am curious how the grants part works? There is "NO" credit card information in our billing details, I don't want to turn this campaign on and have a bill at the end of the month?? Does it just add up the amount of our clicks and then you guys go in and do something? I don't see a credit or anything?? Thank you for any information you can give me on this!



You are correct. Do not add billing information. If you add billing info Google will be sure to charge you.
Even though your Adwords account doesn't show a credit, as long as you have given the correct account number to Google the money will be taken out of your $10,000 a month grant. Also, make sure you don't spend more than $330 a day (which is approximately $10,000 a month).
Something else I found helpful was this account creation guide by Google


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Re: How does the billing for Google Grants work?

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Thanks for this, Shanea!