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High impressions vs low clicks

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Hi there,


I have running a couple of Ad campaigns with our AdGrants account and our keywords are triggering the Ads, which I can see because of the impressions. However, I have no clicks, (just a few), and I assume that's because our ads are no showing bellow the first page, which is obvious because AdGrants only allow us to use a maximum bid of $2, that is quite low to compete with other advertisers. Even in most of the cases Google advises me to improve my keywords through the bidding.


So my questions is, how can I improve my keywords performance to be able to show my Ads bellow the first pages without making high bid over the amount allowed by Google. 



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Re: High impressions vs low clicks

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@Paul A

It really depends on the keywords you are targeting. With the exception of just a few niches, most Ad Grant accounts can be competitive at the $2 max CPC. It is often a matter of targeting the right keywords, having high-quality ads and maintaining good quality scores.


If you have high impressions then your ads are having the opportunity to be clicked and even in positions 4 through 10 you should at least have some clicks at a low click through rate.


One of the first things that I would do is to run a search terms report (previously call search query report) and see which search queries are generating the most impressions. Through the search terms report you may find that the queries that are pulling up your ads are not the most relevant for you and you may want to set these queries as negative keywords. While this will greatly reduce the impressions it will ensure that your ads are showing only for the most relevant search queries. This will then increase your click through rate, the quality scores and ultimately it should help impact your average position.


I would then do a review of the ad groups and ensure that they are segmented in tightly themed groups. Relevancy is key with AdWords but more especially with Ad Grant accounts. Ensuring that your keywords are all in tightly themed ad groups will allow you to have ads that are highly specific to those keywords. This in itself will help you to have a higher click through rate on those ads to generate more clicks. For most impact, start with those that are having higher impressions. A carefully crafted ad that is relevant to the user's intent will be able to generate clicks regardless of ad position on the page.


Also be sure to use ad extensions with your ads. These help to draw the eye to the ad and help to increase your clicks as well.


With continued focus on the above, you should start to see an improvement in your quality scores. With improved quality scores you should start to see improvement in your average position and ultimately be able to be much more competitive at a $2 max CPC bid.

Re: High impressions vs low clicks

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Hello Paul,

Beautiful question

To improve your keywords performance, you need to check and improved your quality score.
Keyword Quality Score has a major impact on both the success and the costs of your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. High keyword Quality Scores mean you end up paying less for more ad exposure and higher conversion rates.

The following two best practices will raise your Quality Score at every level, from your entire AdWords campaign down to a single keyword:

1. Practice ongoing keyword grouping: Effective organization of your keyword database is crucial for successful PPC and will greatly increase your chances of achieving high keyword Quality Scores.

2. Write compelling, relevant ad text: Better ads mean better click-through rates, which raise your keyword QS and save you money.

For more information, visit to read more on how to improve your quality score.

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Re: High impressions vs low clicks

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Hi Robert,

Many thanks for your help.

I've done some of your advice such as "run a search term report" and " use ad extensions" and I've got more clicks than before, though they are still a few. So I'm just giving time to get more data to analyze and take actions.

Which means that I will sure stay in touch then.