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GrantsPro: What do authorized rep and manage your account mean?

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We've just started with our Ad Grants program -- and it's great! I know that we have a few months before we can even be eligible for the GrantsPro program, but I figured it makes sense to be sure we're complying right from the beginning. In particular, I would like to know what the following requirement means exactly:


  • Have an authorized representative of the organization who manages the account at minimum on a bi-weekly basis.


My questions:


#1. Are we supposed to designate an "authorized representative" somehow? We have our marketing director checking in daily; I assume she would count? I guess I just don't understand why that phrasing would be used -- is there some way an unauthorized non-representative could be accessing the account?! (I would hope not!)


#2. What does "manages the account" mean? We are already running experiments and changing up the ads here and there to see how they affect our CTRs and whatnot, but I'm not sure that we'll always make changes twice a week (especially if things are running well). Does logging into the site to check stats count as "managing", or do we need to make changes each time?


Thanks for your help. The program has already given us a valuable boost in the work we do; we can't wait to do more!

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Re: GrantsPro: What do authorized rep and manage your account mean?

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Hi Laura O,

Welcome to the community. Glad to hear that hear that you think the Ad Grants program is great! (We certainly do as well. Smiley Happy )


Regarding question #1:

No, you are not required to designate an "authorized representative". The reason this verbiage was put in place was because many Grantees desire to work with third-party agencies who specialize in managing Google Ad Grant accounts. The previous policy simply stated that the "Grantee needed to make changes" and caused some confusion as to rather the Grantee had to personally make those changes or if they could have an agency manage the account for them or not. The the addition of the term "authorized representative" was merely to provide clarification that the Grantee could in-fact work with a third-party agency if they so choose. In fact, Google has even set up the Google For Nonprofits Marketplace that makes it easy for nonprofits to find Google Certified Partners who work with nonprofits and specializing in a variety of Google products.  Simply filter by product (i.e. AdWords) and then filter by Region. (Disclaimer: my agency is listed in there.)


Regarding question #2:

Regular Ad Grant accounts fall under the 'Active Account Management Policy' which require at least one change to be made to the account every 90 days. Google believes that all accounts can benefit from continual optimization, and the 90 day policy ensures that you make edits to improve your performance on a consistent basis.


When it comes to Grantspro accounts, active account management becomes even more important and Grantspro recipients are required to "manage the account at minimum on a bi-weekly basis". There are a lot of things that go into account management and that can include signing in to the account to review campaign performance as long as changes are being made on a regular basis. However, I would strongly recommend making an effort to make changes to the account on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that there is no lapse and you stay clearly within the spirit of the policy. After all, at $40,000 per month in available ad spend, there is certainly enough impression/click data being generated that justifies changes on a near daily basis.


Here are some examples of qualifying changes in your account:



Re: GrantsPro: What do authorized rep and manage your account mean?

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I too am trying to get a Grants account into the Grantspro program. Here is something to consider:

Grants accounts are limited to $330/day (they say $10K/month, but this is how it's actually allocated). This is important because the requirement to exceed $9900 of usage in 2 months of the last six means you need to achieve 100% usage every single day for a 30 day month. February will never hit the goal.

This means that you'll likely only get to $9900 on months with 31 days (where the potential is actually $10,230). Also remember that New Year's Day falls in January along with MLK day. May has Memorial Day. July has Independence Day and December has Christmas and New Year's Eve. This basically means that March, August and October are you best bets.