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Google Fraud?

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Google Adwords are for products and services, and require
stringent scientific training for "certification." Why does
Google pretend that they want to help non profit organizations
giving Adwords grants that are useless to the non profit without
"Adwords certification" instead of cash? Could this be a scam
where they are defrauding the non profit org, so they can use the
branding of these humanitarian organizations for profit? With
billion of dollars, why can't Google donate cash like all other
companies, but instead make the orgs loose time from mission
statement to play Google Adwords pawns... scam or what? Is
there a law firm that agrees Google should not defraud non profit
organizations by offering something of no use without at least a
fair business practice warning and DISCLAIMER as follows:

Adwords advertising is a high tech science, that requires many
hours of training to obtain "certification" that is obligatory to make
Adwords a success. The Google Adwords grant is useless without this
certification, and non profit organization should be warned about this
and the fact that attempting to pursue the grant without this certification
will likely result in nothing but serious loss of time from your mission
statement . Google is sorry that even though we make billions of dollars we
really do not care enough about philanthropy to actually make a cash donation to
your cause but rather want the branding of your organization so that is why
we offer the grant.

This grant lost our organization almost two years of loss of time from
mission statement work damages while not making one dollar.

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Re: Google Fraud?

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>> "Google Adwords are for products and services and require stringent scientific training for "certification."


The only claim of yours I agree with, is that AdWords requires training.. However; this is not the only internet service that requires training. Software that runs sophisticated algorithms needs training and learning..... This is how science and engineering work...Smiley Surprised


As for your Google grants complaints. those should be posted on the Google grants help forum

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Re: Google Fraud?

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Hi Carsafe  (Kay perhaps?),


I recall quite a lengthy exchange I had with you/your organization about your Google Grants Account and how you were ready to move up to the $40,000 level etc...I also remember you wanted us to take the Grants test for you.


Using AdWords does not require certification, it does require time to learn though and time to manage, regularly...


This post honestly blows my mind...I can't possibly see how you would consider a $120,000 - $480,000 annual advertising gift a scam.  


Also, Google does give back in very significant ways to non-profits and charities, I'm afraid you are mistaken there as well -


Unfortunately, your success (however you define it) or lack thereof via AdWords is not Google's problem nor are they responsible. We see the same thing happen with paid businesses as well.  Any business (non or for profit) needs to fully understand what they're getting into with any business process or advertising effort.  If it's beyond what you can handle, then perhaps it's not a good fit for your organization.  Google is simply the provider of the service and they state this, black and white in the Terms of Service.


I wish you all the best but this is the furthest thing from a fraud.


Now, If you have any questions about how to work within your account, we're more than happy to try and help.  As previously mentioned, you can also seek help on the Grants Forum.  I think you'll also find many users who have found success using Grants.  





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Re: Google Fraud?

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I have had a rather lengthy exchange with them as well on more than one occasion. The last time, they hung up on me for defending the Grants program.

I too wish them the very best.
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Re: Google Fraud?

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Yes !!!!!

Re: Google Fraud?

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