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Google Ad Grant Approved on Existing Adwords Account with Billing Information

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We had a third party organise our access to the non-profit google ad grant, instead of creating a new account for us they used our existing account. We have been approved for the grant but it is on the same account that we for our existing adwords account with billing information.


What would be the best steps for me to take to get the ad grant working on an adwords account?


Can I transfer the existing adwords data into a new account and then delete adwords from the existing account and setup in accordance to the rules for the google ad grant?


Would it be easier to just create a new adwords account and then associate it with the non-profit account? If so how would I do this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks, Megan.

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Google Ad Grant Approved on Existing Adwords Account with Billing Information

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I would say that you definitely need to create a new Adwords account as it is impossible to delete the invoice data (you can only change it). When creating a new account, do not forget to choose USD as currency.


It is actually very weird that they accepted your account for Adgrants. They normally inform you that the account can't be used as it has already the billing address set up.


I recommend you to contact Google and switch the Adgrant program to a new account.