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Effectiveness of ads

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We received a grant for nonprofis still in September 2014. Thanks to Google for this program!
We have a good CTR, relevant web, ad texts, keywords, a lot of clicks, but  we got a rather small amount of donations. So,we have a negative ROI about -97%.
Can you give us any advice to improve the effectiveness of ads and increase ROI?

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Re: Effectiveness of ads

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@Fa M

The effectiveness of Google Ad Grants to generate donations from visitors on their first visit will vary from organization to organization due to a lot of factors. One of those factors is brand recognition of the organization itself. As such, larger, more well-known, organizations are able to generate a higher conversion rate for donations on first-time visits then are smaller, less well-known, organizations.


With that said, I often recommend to my clients to look at Google Ad Grants in an attribution model and not as a sole driver of donations. The reason for this is the Ad Grants real benefit is in creating initial awareness and Ad Grants is often what facilitates the first visit of that user to your organization's website. Because this is often the introduction of that prospective donor to your organization they will likely not donate until they know a little bit more about you and your mission – this is why I recommend to my clients to use Google Ad Grants to generate engagement more so than donations. Focus on getting the user to sign up for one of your communication channels such as a newsletter or get them to volunteer – this will give you a chance to grow your relationship with that prospective donor and educate them about the great work that you do. As that relationship grows, so does the likely chance that the prospective donor will donate in the future; For example, from a newsletter asking for donations during the giving season. On a last click model, this would show that the donation was generated by the newsletter but with an attribution model you can also show that the first click was generated by Google Ad Grants and at that point you can see that Google Ad Grants contributes more to donations than first thought. 


Google's Best Practice guide: Beyond Last-Click Attribution is a great place to start learning about attribution models.