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Change the AdWords account associated with my Google Ad Grant

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Hello All,


I began setting up an AdWords account with our Google Grant a few months ago, but did not finish. I logged in again recently and it said it would not be active without a credit card on file. Rather than reading the instructions again, I inputted the card. (Fatal mistake, I gather). Now, after reading the forums, I realized that I needed to create a new AdWords account from scratch. I finished creating the new account, specifically following the instructions provided. However, I cannot find a way to associate my new AdWords account to my Google Grant or submit my new AdWords account for review. My Google for Nonprofits homepage just says "approved", as I had already enrolled. There's no information about associating a new AdWords account. When I tried to apply again with another email address, it rejected the application because my organization already applied.


How do I fix this? Help!


Many thanks,



Re: Change the AdWords account associated with my Google Ad Grant

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Hey Laura I totaly got your problem.. Looks like your Ad grants enrollment has been approved through your Google for nonprofits(g4np) application but the account was not activated/ineligible due to billing info.
As per g4np policies only one application can be approved per org hence ur second application got rejected to avoid duplication.
Solution : Write to g4np support with your EIN & org details from your g4np login I'd (as a legitimate owner), requesting them to revoke the current Ad grants enrollment. Once it is revoked from the team you shall see a re-apply button under your g4np account. You shall re-apply with a new adwords Id that's created according to Ad Grants Account Creation Guidelines.
I hope this helps. Way to go for ur nonprofit org! Smiley Happy good luck!