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Ad Grants Fraud?

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I am experiencing nearly the exact same issue as this post:


I have honestly been talking with 10-20 AdWords Support staff over the past 3+ months, and I keep getting sent in circles. In a nutshell, where I'm at:


- I signed up for Google for Nonprofits ~August 2015

- I was then told my organization already had an AdWords account. It was assigned to an AdWords account other than mine, and setup by a random Gmail address (which is no one at my organization and is actually a closed Gmail account!)

- A couple AdWords grants staff actually suggested I email that account and ask for their password. Huh? A Google employee is asking me to get a Gmail account holder's password? Definite breach of security. But I tried, and then realized I couldn't even email that account. Tried to get really clever and just create a new Gmail account with that address, but it's permanently closed.

- A couple weeks ago I thought I hit the jackpot because after months of trying, I finally got a support rep who was able to give me access to that AdGrants account and remove the fraudulent Gmail account.

- The AdWords account I now have access to - and is assigned to my EIN - is a suspended account for "repeated violations" and no matter how many appeals I fill out, I get AdWords' version of a "You're dead to me." email -- Basically saying I will be permanently banned from AdWords and if I create any new accounts under my organization, they will always be denied.


So my organization is permanently being punished for fraud committed by someone not associated with my organization? Absurd.


Please help!


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Re: Ad Grants Fraud?

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Hi @Eric M

I'll be glad to investigate this for you but I will need some additional information about your organization that we cannot post publicly here in the public forum due to privacy concerns. Please fill out this form and I can escalate for you.

Ad Grants Fraud?

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Hi Robert,


I have exactly the same issue as Eric M. Can you help our Nonprofit resolve this?