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Ad Grant Approved, Campaign Approved, but not Activated

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Below is the chronology of my efforts to activate the Ad Grant Campaign of my client organization:


  1. 2015-04-14  Google Ad Grants Enrollment Approved - (United States of America). The approval letter gives helpful information, including the following next steps: 1) Create your Campaigns  2) Monitor Campaign performance. Of particular note is the following statement:

    "Please note that although your account is now active, you still need to set up your campaigns in order to start running. When you're ready to start, please sign in to your account at and create your first campaign. Learn how to create your campaign at: Your ads should begin to run once you've created your campaign."

  2. 2015-04-17   I Create a Campaign with two Ads.
  3. 2015-04-21   I am notified that Ads were disapproved because of punctuation - I removed the semicolons in the ads and resubmit. I am waiting for the ads to start or a notification.
  4. 2015-04-27   I check the MCC to monitor and see if there is any activity and I see the red notification bar - It says I have to enter billing information before the campaign is activated. I call support they tell me to wait.
  5. 2015-05-11   I place another phone call to Support - They tell me it takes about 30 days from the approval date (May 25th).
  6. 2015-05-29   I place another phone call to Support - The billing problem is still there. They tell me I have to submit to use Google Apps for NonProfits and resubmit Google Grant Ad on the Google Apps page. Support walks me through this. I also have to verify ownership of the domain name, which I do.
  7. 2015-06-01   I receive an email notification from Google Apps for NonProfits that they can't process my application. The message reads:

    "Thank you for applying for Google Apps for Nonprofits. We were unable to process your application because your Google Apps account is not set to the correct edition. At this time, we can only upgrade Business Edition accounts to the free Nonprofit Edition of Google Apps.

    Please go to[ YOUR-DOMAIN ]/upgradeCart3 (fill in your domain in the URL) and complete the form to set your Google Apps account to Business Edition. After completing this process, please resubmit your Google Apps for Nonprofits application by following the instructions at"

    I try to follow these instructions, but the page the URL takes me to says the following:

    You need to use a Google Apps account to log into Google Admin Console.

    You are trying to access Google Admin of but you do not have a valid logged in account for it.

    Sign into one of the existing accounts for

    The usual login does not work. There are two admins for this project and neither login works.

  8. 2015-06-01   I call up Support to resolve this problem - They tell me I have to call Google Apps and get the problem resolved before they can help me. They give me a number for Google Apps for Work. I call the number and all of the voice prompts ask for a pin number to an application that I don't use and there is no option to talk to anyone. If I wait, it just hangs up on me. I call support back and they tell me I have to call Google Apps or they can't help me.      
  9. 2015-06-02   I am writing to you for help - I am lost. I have talked to Support 5 times and they don't seem to have an idea of where I am in the process. They told me I have to wait 30 days for the Grant to apply, that I have to apply to use an App, when my Google Grant app shows that it is approved, etc.

Okay, I am open for suggestions. Since we have been approved, I don't want to tell my client that we have to start all over when there isn't any clarification on what is wrong.



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Re: Ad Grant Approved, Campaign Approved, but not Activated

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Community Manager
Hi Mubaashir,

I am going to look into this for you. I'll send an email to you with an update.


Re: Ad Grant Approved, Campaign Approved, but not Activated

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Thank you Kathleen, I really, really appreciate it.

Re: Ad Grant Approved, Campaign Approved, but not Activated

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Mibaashir,
I'm glad we were able to get this resolved for you!


Re: Ad Grant Approved, Campaign Approved, but not Activated

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Hi Kathleen!

You are the best! I have accepted the T&C and we are live!
My client will be as ecstatic as I am.

I want to give you AAA ratings for taking on our problem and seeing us through to solution.

With sincere thanks and regards,
Mubaashir Uqdah