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Account Suspended - How do I find out WHY??

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My Grant account has been suspended for the second time in three months. As far as I can tell I'm meeting all the necessary benchmarks. The notice says to contact for support, but I can't find a contact phone number / email / chat box anywhere. How can I find out WHY this account keeps getting cancelled all the sudden and get it reactivated? It was up and running for over a year without any issues and now it's been suspended twice in three months without warning. I'm frustrated and confused.

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Account Suspended - How do I find out WHY??

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You can find the local number for the Google AdWords support line here


When you call, make sure you have the 10-digit ID code for your Google Grants account ready to provide them. Keep in mind that this is a general AdWords support line, so let them know that you're calling about a Google Grants account after you've connected.


Usually they'll run a review and let you know exactly what's in violation of policy.


With regards to seeing more suspensions lately, there's been new rules put into place to raise the quality of Google Grants accounts. It's worth reviewing the new policy guidelines here to make sure you stay in compliance and avoid repeated suspensions:

Account Suspended - How do I find out WHY??

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@Adrienne Egolf,


If you think your account is in compliance, you can use the Request for Reactivation form to request a review from the Ad Grant team. If they find that your account isn't compliant, they should send back a detailed email with the issues you need to correct before your account can be turned back on. You can also try reaching out to general AdWords Support through an online chat or via phone.


Before you do those steps, I would also recommend you look over all of the Ad Grant program policies carefully and make sure your account is in compliance with them all. Some of the most commonly overlooked policies are:


- Total account level CTR at or above 5% each month

- No keywords with a quality score of 2 or below

- At least two enabled sitelink extensions

- At least two ads per ad group, and two ad groups per campaign

- Relevant location targeting in place for all ads (no "All locations" or worldwide targeting)

- No enabled single-word or generic keywords 


I hope this helps,

- Richard

Account Suspended - How do I find out WHY??

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There are a few changes Google has made to the way in which they vet grant accounts...


The first things to check are :


1. That you have no keywords with a quality score of 1 or 2 - they need to be removed. It's a good idea to then set up an automated rule to check your keywords daily and pàuse those with QS of 2 or less.


2. Check that none of your keywords are too broad - I know that's a kind of individual judgement thing but where, for example, "auto insurance" might be acceptable, "auto" and "insurance" probably would not be.


There has been a temptation in the past (we've all done it!) to put all and any keywords in our grant account however loosely related to our core - on the one hand because we often struggle to spend the full $10,000 that Google give us (thank you Google...) and we hate to think of leaving free money on the table like that and, on the other hand, well.... becuase it's free money and if you are spending it on keyewords that aren't really that closely related to your "topic" it doesn't really matter...


Well Google have decided that to a degree it does matter, because the end result of our doing this is that someone searches for something fairly specific and they get our grant ad - which is usually related to some kind of charity / donations / etc.


If you look throgh your keywords you can probably spot these... take them out...


3. Look for keywords that have been getting a CTR of less than 5% - this is another factor. Now... to be fair to us as grant managers, 5% is a tough bar to reach. But that's the bar Google have set.


Taken together this all seems quite draconian.. but I have had to adjust a couple of grant accounts to meet these new guidelines and the results have been interesting.


On the one hand, I am not getting anywhere near the traffic volumes that I was getting. Unspursisignly, when you take out all the keywords that were only there to try and catch any passing traffic, you stop catching any passing traffic.


But - on the positive side, the CTR are now (mostly) very healthy - with many consistently in the double digits - and the conversion rate has more than quadrupled. My cost per conversion has plummeted and although with what are (for my grantees) practically unlimited funds this doesn't really matter to me - I can appreciate the benefits for everyone involved.


I know it's frustrating and when it first happens you feel like Google are giving with one hand and then taking away with the other - but it's really not the case.


Now I can work on looking for ways to spend more, but on the right people.... I still have to figure that bit out.


I hope that helps - once you've made these changes you will still need to contact your local office and ask them to review the grant account, but at least when you do, you'll be able to tell them what you've done to get your account back in line and the process should be fairly painless.


Look for the support options under the help menu - phone support isn't always available, but chat can be effective.


Account Suspended - How do I find out WHY??

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In addition to the great points @stickleback made, there is one more thing that accounts seem to be getting dinged for -- geo targeting. Even if your charity has a global mission and reach, it is important to specify the countries where your ads will appear.