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S2: Dealing with duplicate listings

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Duplicate listings on Maps and Search can really confuse our users and us! Therefore, our guidelines state that we only allow ‘one page for each location of your business’. In this guide, we’re talking about a few situations we see often, the best way to handle them and what you can expect.


Note: If you add a location that’s already been verified in Google My Business, it could be marked as a "Duplicate location" in your account.


The situations we see most often…


[You own both listings but only one is actually live on Maps] No worries, we hear this one most often! If this happens, you can delete the page without needing to contact us for help. Simply follow the steps below:


    • Navigate to your dashboard and choose the listing you want to remove
       Note: Make sure you delete the page that’s not verified
    • Go to the ‘Info’ tab in the left hand navigation
    • Click on ‘Close or remove this listing’
    • Choose ‘Remove Listing’
    • Carefully read the next page before checking the boxes and deleting the account/page

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[You own both listings and want to remove one of them, but they’re both verified] Don’t worry, it happens and we’re here to help.


  • When you have two listings for the same location, both verified on Maps, you’ll need to delete one of them by following the steps mentioned above.
  • Once you’ve deleted one of them, you’ll need to contact us to have our team merge them. You can connect with the social team on Twitter and Facebook, or go through our troubleshooter to get help.


[You own one of them and it looks like the other page is owned as well, but you’re unsure who could be managing it] To handle this duplicate you’ll need to request ownership of the duplicate page so that you can coordinate with the current owner. You can learn more about that in our help center article on what to do when someone else verifies your business. If you reach out to the current owner and don’t hear back in 7 days, you can click View Request in the original confirmation email and follow the steps to request ownership.

[You don’t own either of the pages and simply notice duplicates on Maps] Firstly, we appreciate your help in keeping Google Maps free of spam. You can flag these issues to us through one of the channels mentioned in our recent article on how to contact Google My Business.


What to expect...

For business owners in the first bucket, who owned both pages with only one of them live on maps, your situation should be fixed fairly quickly and without help. In any of the other buckets, you had to get help from one of the support teams or request access from someone else, therefore the process might take a bit longer.

When duplicates get merged all the relevant social content (i.e., photos, reviews, etc) will be transferred to the page that remains live on Maps.


More info

Keep your eye on the Google My Business Community for our regularly updated, bite-size guides for business owners. You can also join the conversation on our social channels by sending us a message on Twitter or Facebook.


Marissa Nordahl, Community Manager, Google My Business
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