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Why Go International?

Internationalization is a key driver of revenue growth. It allows access to a wider customer base, feeds innovation and provides a foundation for improved returns on capital and greater security by diversifying revenue streams1.


In 2016, with 3.4 billion people accessing the internet every day, internationalization is more important than ever: consumers are borderless and “always on.” They are connected to the internet even when they are on the go through their mobile phones. Research shows that it doesn’t really matter where a business is based, as long as its product or service is useful and serves the consumer’s need at a price he or she can afford. This proximity to the global consumer opens huge possibilities not only for large companies, but also for small and medium businesses which now have the entire online world at their fingertips.


In 2015, ecommerce retail sales reached $2 trillion and its growth was three times faster than that of brick-and-mortar retail2. Worldwide digital travel sales are up to $565 billion in 20163. A significant number of Internet born companies expanded internationally in less than three years, something often unimaginable in the offline era.


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Google is here to help


We can provide you with the right tools and resources to help you grow globally. So, regardless of the size, age, or location of your company or the industry you operate in, follow this space in the AdWords Community. We will share resources that will empower you to become a successful international business, such as:

  • Best practices sharing
  • Innovative tools
  • Multi-market opportunity analysis
  • Recommended go-to-market strategies
  • Seasonal global highlights
  • Indispensable economic, cultural and business insights

To learn more, check out our Best Practices for a Successful International Expansion with AdWords guide.

Happy Exporting!


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