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Plan Your Internationalization with Google

We all know the importance of planning. If we have a goal and consider it our final destination, having a plan is like having a map. By looking at this plan, we will know at any given time how much progress we have made towards our final destination and how far we are from reaching it. Just like a map, this plan will also help us discover and prepare for roadblocks along the way, which in turn allows us to adjust, correct our route and move forward.


When you think about internationalizing your business, having a good plan could be the key to your success. With that in mind, Google developed a set of tools that will make this process easier and more effective.


Here are some of the tools you can easily access and utilize during your internationalization planning sessions:


1- Google Trends: Use real-time search data to help you understand consumer search behaviors.

2- Consumer Barometer: Explore the role of online channels on the consumer’s path to purchase.

3- Google Consumer Surveys: A simple and affordable tool that will allow you to ask your target audience what they think about your products. Available for Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK and US.

4- Keyword Planner: Plan your AdWords campaign by understanding what people are looking for in relation to your brand.

5- Google Correlate: Find search patterns and correlations that correspond with real-world search trends.

7- Display Benchmarks Tool: Analyze the performance of your Display campaigns by looking at real industry benchmarks.

8 - Display Planner: Generate new ideas for ad groups and see real-time forecasts and projected inventory data by market based on your bids and budgets

9- The Customer Journey to Online Purchase: An interactive infographic that explores typical consumer behavior in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US.

10- Global Market Finder: Discover new opportunities and compare markets through Google Search data, Google Translate keyword translation and AdWords keyword bid and competition.

11- Google Analytics: You can find out if users are visiting your website from abroad through the location report in your Google Analytics account.