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Make the Most Out of Seasonality Around the Globe

Yes, it’s that special time of year again: in many countries around the world, temperatures start to cool down and eCommerce businesses are warming up.


For many companies, in the majority of industries, November and December are still considered the “make-or-break” months of the year. Research shows that companies can make as much as 20% of their annual sales during the Holiday Season1.This is not surprising if we think that consumer spending in the US reached $11.1 billion last year between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday2, or that Alibaba reached $14.3 billion worth of sales in 20153 and $17.73 billion in 20164 on Single’s Day in China.


These numbers can potentially lead companies to focus on the more popular seasons in their domestic market. However, these are definitely not the only seasonal events to keep on your radar.


Make Global Seasonality Work for You


In a globalized world, the notion of seasonality assumes a different meaning. In fact, while sales may slow down in a given market, in other countries, it may be just the right time to do business.


As you plan your international expansion strategies, we advise you to “Think Locally, and Win Globally” by taking into consideration local holidays, seasons and events such as:

  • Spiritual celebrations and festivals: e.g. Ramadan in Muslim countries or Diwali in India
  • National celebrations: e.g. the Lunar New Year in South East Asia
  • School holidays in other parts of the globe: e.g. Summer falls from December to February in Australia, with kids going back to school late January/early February


How Google can help


Companies with an international presence can now look into new ways to make up for slumps in sales caused by low seasonality in their home market by going international.


There are multitudes of market opportunities, and the Internet brings them to your doorstep – but of course, every country is unique.


At Google, we know that seasonality differs not only from country to country, but also across industries. That’s why we developed seasonal insights in Think With Google to keep you on top of seasonal trends.. Check out upcoming Winter trends in the UK or Winter trends in the US to inform your UK and US expansion strategies. 


As you build and refine your international expansion strategies, check out our Plan Your Internationalization with Google blog post.


Happy Exporting! 


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