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Introducing Market Finder

Find new customers around the world. Whether you want to take your business global or just expand your horizons, Market Finder can help you identify new markets, plan for success, and grow your sales online.


Research your target markets

First, you need to prioritize the countries where your products or services will appeal most. Market Finder’s interactive pathway can help you pinpoint a shortlist of promising new markets for your brand and determine the demand for your product or service through local monthly searches, popular market trends, disposable income per capita, internet users and recommended bid.


Plan your operations

Once you’re happy with your shortlist, Market Finder can help you plan operations tailored to your markets of interest, including localization, payments, and customer care, as well as provide some information about tax, legal, logistics, and recruitment considerations.


Market your business

Market Finder can also help you develop your international marketing strategy. It helps you consider advertising solutions and the importance of analytics and measurement.


The internet has broken down international trading barriers to help bring potential customers to your door at lower risk and lower cost. Market Finder makes it easier. So, if you’re wondering if global digital expansion is right for you and relevant to your industry, Market Finder can help you decide.



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