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Internationalization made easier with Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are a great tool for international expansion, as John Senyard previously highlighted here. They enable you to leverage automation as part of your international growth strategy. Last month, Google made DSA even better by implementing new features that can help make your ads more relevant to all of your potential customers, enabling you to connect even more effectively with your customers around the world.


Here is a summary of those improvements - you can find more details in the Inside AdWords blog.



  • Page Feeds: Enable additional control over your DSA campaigns to help ensure only relevant products and services are shown to your customers. You just need to provide a feed of what you want to promote and select the landing pages that you want to include in your auto targets. We’ll use this information to determine when your ads will show, and where to direct your customers on your website.



  • Expanded Text Ads: Google is currently rolling out support within DSA campaigns for this expanded ad format. Longer headlines and description lines allow you to show more information about your business before people click your ad.


Check out these case studies of companies taking advantage of DSAs to expand globally: