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1 Year Anniversary!

Today marks an exciting day for all of us - it has been exactly one year since we launched our very first article “Why Go International” on the Google AdWords community! Since that day, we have had the amazing opportunity to partner with global experts from around the world to post 17 pieces of content in many different forms and formats, including 10 articles and 7 video posts; 3 of which were live Hangout on Air events.


We have greatly enjoyed creating these insightful and impactful pieces of content, but more importantly we know that you have found them useful! We know this because over this past year, you all have viewed these articles and videos over 54,000 times and have liked them over 350 times!


Thank you all so much for tuning in, reading, watching and engaging with us on the Adwords Community. We are excited to continue to help support you in growing your business globally through sharing interesting, thought-provoking and actionable pieces of content from experts.


If you have not had a chance to read or watch anything from this past year, please visit the “Go Global” section in the AdWords Community and enjoy!


Thank you!