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Hello We just passed certification under our company email but when we look for partner badge its not showing anywhere then we tried to add our company and whenever we done it shows this error AdWords manager account required You must have edit access to your company’s AdWords manager account. Use one of these methods Sign in with a different account that has edit access Get edit access to your company’s AdWords manager account Create an AdWords manager account We tried to create manager account and we created it but I am not sure how to link that certification with manager account or how I can do that? what is procedure. Please assist Thanks in advance
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Google partner Badge

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Hi @Harris A,


Congratulations on becoming certified in AdWords. 


From what I understand by your information, you have passed some type of the tests becoming certified in that specific test. You then went looking for the Google Partner badge and was alerted to the need of an AdWords Manager Account and so you created that and are now stuck. 


Okay, let's go through the requirement and procedures needed to become a badged Google Partner and have use of the actual badge. I will provide plenty of information below, but I also want to reference this thread that goes over everything, as well. 


In order to have use of the badge by becoming a badged Google Partner, someone must pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam and one other specialization exam (display, mobile, search, video, shopping). And they need to meet the spend threshold, which is $10,000 every 90 days. And they need to meet performance requirements, which can only be verified and met by having 12 months of activity in a company AdWords Manager Account. And they need to have a company profile completed in the Google Partners portal (where tests are taken).


So, a person would have their Google Partners portal account and take the three tests and pass. Then they would have a second Google Partners portal account in the company name, which would also be in the email address of the AdWords Manger Account. Then the person would be added to the AdWords Manager Account, along with adding all of the client's individual AdWords accounts and operate it and the accounts properly by adhering to AdWords Best Practices and managing client money in excess of $10,000 per quarter for at least 12 full months. Then, the Google Partners portal profile for the company (not the person) will populate with performance & spend graphs... and only upon meeting all of the requirements would the badge be offered for use.


  • Google Partners Personal - learn, take tests, interact with company profile.
  • Google Partners Company - manage performance, spend, badging and members. 


Until all of that happens, you are not a badged Google Partner and cannot state that you are. You are a individual that is certified in whatever tests you have passed (which will only be valid for 12 months).   


Please review the link I provide and read all of that and click through on the links offered in that article... and I feel you will understand where you are in the process. Please know we are happy to have you with us here in the community while you work towards completing everything that is required.


If we can help with anything more, please do let us know. 


All the Best,



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