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Hi I help out to run the Google Small Business account for a friend who runs a Locksmiths company. I've recommended him to my main work colleges (absolutely not connected in the slightest). But when they have left a review after using him they aren't showing (or it does then disappears). Now I believe that this is because I've logged on at that  IP address, but I help out a lot of people and we have hot-desking at the office so his business seems to be getting punished for me being associated with it. Can I remove my self from this equation so reviews from people who use him will show?  

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Hi @Paul C,


The IP address of the reviewer is charted for credibility and quality assurance. People in your office should not be leaving reviews for any businesses that are your clients. At the very least, they should do so from their personal Google accounts (if they actually have a personal relationship with a business. A personal relationship is they went to a store and bought something as a customer of theirs... and they wish to do so without you asking them to review them), on their personal time with their personal devices at home, and are clear & concise with their review. Again, I stress always from their homes or mobile devices, and I also again caution that they must have a legitimate relationship with said business.


If Google picks up a pattern of paid reviews, or reviews influenced by someone using your services... your overall reputation with Google can tank and so will anything you are connected to. Google seeks credible, honest, sincere actions by all those they work. There are paid "review farms" that Google is hunting out and will squash soon enough... you don't want any resemblance to them.


Personally, I take my relationship with Google and all associated responsibilities very seriously and aim to excel at it, or actually to reach higher than their minimum standard... I want to break the ceiling in this area with Google. As a web developer and advertising agency, I create a webpage for my clients with all possible places a shopper can leave a review for said business, then I promote that review webpage and encourage any and all actual customers to leave a review, but I absolutely do not allow any staff of theirs or mine to leave a review... not even if they do business with them! It's playing in a gray area that leads nowhere good. 


With that said, you cannot affect or control any reviews attempted or left by anyone but your own personal Google account. I would focus on getting the public that does business with them to leave reviews.


All the Best,



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