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I am curious about how the User-ID function and integrate with Facebook ID while staying inside of the guidelines of GA.  I recently completed the GAIQ test and am in several Facebook Marketing Groups.  Many of these Agencies rely on Facebook Business reporting for all their data. 


Each Agency runs campaigns for clients.  Often the endpoint of a campaign is a specific URL - which can be tracked in a GA Goal as long as correct UTM parameters are set up for the Facebook campaign.  Perhaps offline, is there a convenient way that anyone has found to map the User-ID onto the Facebook ID so that the interaction paths with the campaigns can benefit from the reporting of both GA and Facebook?  (I'm guessing there wouldn't be a way to do this within GA without breaking the non-identifier rule... but I'm open to suggestions!)


Thanks for any feedback in advance.

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You can use whatever you like as the user id, as long as it's not PII (as you rightly pointed out, in order to be in compliance with the TOS). Using a Facebook ID because users authenticate with it on your site makes a lot of sense.

Forget about Facebook a second and imagine this user id would be yours. You could use it to merge with your own sales or CRM back office data.

But it's a Facebook id... and the TOS says "You will not and will not assist or permit any third party to, pass information to Google that Google could use or recognize as personally identifiable information."

Without being a lawyer... my understanding is if you find a way to extract Facebook data and merge it with GA data (outside of GA), you are not breaking the TOS. You will not send any data to Google that *they* would consider to be PII. So, all in all, if you find a way to do it, you can merge GA and Facebook data happily using the Facebook ID as they key between the two.

That is... unless someone (a lawyer or an official from Google) can prove me wrong! Smiley Happy