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Why is my Google Shopping feed disapproved?

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This week, the Google Shopping team is continuing their four-part Hangout on Air series to answer frequently asked questions about product feeds. Tomorrow's Hangout on Air will cover…


Troubleshooting Disapprovals

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 @ 10:00 AM PT

What do I do if my feed is disapproved?

What are the common data feed and data quality pitfalls?

How do I ensure all my products are approved?

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Update: Watch the recording here:



We have summarized the top questions from the Q&A session. If you have a question you’d like us to answer at a future session, please submit it here:


Q: How can I get more specific disapproval information for products on Google Shopping after the initial rejection?

A: You should contact us through the Merchant Center Help Center. There is a “contact us” link where you can ask for more information on your disapproval. Find the link here:


Q: What if I can’t find the original e-mail with the error?

A: Contact us through the support link at the Merchant Center Help Center. Click “Contact Us” and fill out the appropriate information so we can review and get back to you. The help center is at


Q: My Google Merchant account products have "no picture" even though the click through URL works and I see the image.

A: We haven't been able to crawl your images yet. Make sure you're not blocking us in your robots.txt file from checking your site images. You can find more information on robots.txt at If you've recently changed your image URLs, we'll need to recrawl all of them before the ads go live.


Q: Will my account be suspended if I try to use the same feed across different countries

A: No. As long as you follow the requirements for product listings listed here:


Q: How long do suspensions last?

A. There is no fixed period for a suspension. As long as you are in violation you will continue to stay suspended. Once the issue is fixed you can resubmit your feed if it is a disapproved item or contact us to reapprove your account.


As we mentioned during the Hangout, there are URLs and resources for questions regarding Disapprovals and Suspensions.


Google Shopping Merchant Center Help Center:

Products Feed Specification -

Summary of Attribute Requirements -

Non-Family Safe Content -

More on Robots.txt -

More on Images in feeds -

Re: Why is my Google Shopping feed disapproved?

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