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We want to hear about YOU!

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Hi Everyone,


This is a different kind of post on the AdWords Community! We want to hear about you and how you use AdWords, Google for Work and/or Google My Business!


Do you use AdWords? Do you use it for something rather than Sales? Maybe you're a recruitment agency and you post ads for new roles you are looking to fill? 


Do you use any Google Apps for Work in your day to day management of your Business? Maybe you use Sheets to analyse your AdWords data? Or upload a Shopping Data Feed?


Do you use Google My Business? Tell us how its helped your business succeed!


Please let us know how you use any of these - or a combination of them - in the Comments below! Feel free to be as detailed as possible and share your success!



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Re: We want to hear about YOU!

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OK, I'll kick this off.

My name is Dave and I work for a digital marketing agency called Redfly in Ireland. We use Google for work and Google My Business daily. In fact, Google for work is so awesome that we've managed to convince all but one of our clients to move to Google for work.

We certainly do use AdWords but not for direct sales. The majority of our leads come from our content so we use AdWords to promote our content instead of bidding directly on competitive keywords. This gives us the benefit of acquiring a reader/subscriber who may return and purchase even if they're just in the early/first stage of the buying cycle. This has been extremely cost effective for us.

The other big way that we use AdWords is that we use it to define our content strategy. We use the keyword data that AdWords provides, coupled with our site search data in Google Analytics to craft content that we can use in Social Media and SEO.

Many of our clients use AdWords to distribute coupons to cart abandoners. We set up a remarketing list of people who have added items to the cart but didn't complete the checkout process. Then, we use remarketing lists for search ads to offer these users a coupon code to complete their purchase rather than go to a competitor.

We use Google Apps daily in the management of our business. Google apps is at the heart of our business. We use Gmail for our company mail, Google Drive (connected to for all our project management storage needs, Google Authenticator and 2 step authentication for security, Google sheets for sharing reports with clients and for uploading product feeds for Google shopping and Google docs for collaboration on content.

We also use Hangouts. Heavily. It has completely replaced skype for us and since the deam decentralized last year, it keeps us in touch each day like we're all in the same office. We even use it to hold meetings with clients saving everyone a commute Smiley Happy

We also use Google Mobile and administrator to manage and track all company mobile phones and Google Calendar is something our business could not operate without.

Google My Business is something that we manage for clients and for ourselves. My business allows us to manage our business information and promote content so that it appears in Google Local search results and on Google maps. Our clients find it invaluable, especially when they have multiple stores in various states. Sharing content on a Google+ page has been an excellent way to increase engagement and show that there's people behind the business, not just a corporate logo.

There's also cost benefits to having a Google+/My Business page as we've found that social extensions that include Google+/My Business data, can improve your CTR and reduce click prices. Some of our clients even use their business page to host webinars and live tutorials, something that their competitors are struggling to keep up with.

Google has gone to great lengths to integrate all it's products and make it easier for business to reach customers, engage with them and enable them to offer better customer experiences. The suite of Google products has allowed us to finally stop having to think about administrating and focus on providing our customers, our clients and our future customers, the best possible service.

I'd be happy to go into more detail on how we use each product and how the use of each product benefits us and allows us to capitalize on the time saved. Just let me know Smiley Happy

Re: We want to hear about YOU!

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i manage ppc agency. we mainly use adwords and analytics for optimising and reporting. this mainly consumes a lot of my time. i do like to use the new adwords features but many are not available since am in UAE. google my business is a good tool but many of our clients who have their own login passwords, dont use it well.
Google drive, its my fav. most of my files are on drive and dropbox and its easy to access from mobile for a quick check on reports with team colloboration. one day google will reach for the stars. i hope in my lifetime..

Re: We want to hear about YOU!

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HI Dave,
Thanks fro sharing these details, specially "promoting content" via adwords which you say is cost effective. I will too like to try it.

Gmail, Google Drive, adwords, anaytic and webmaster tool are part of my 90% work on daily basis. I have migrated from outlook to Gmail and now can access mail on the go and also keep all my work related files/folders in Google drive on desktop.

Re: We want to hear about YOU!

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭
Really? You want to hear from me? OK then,... let me get right to it.

I hate Google Ads. Anytime I'm on certain news sites I'll click through a couple of pictures
related to the story and one of your stupid ads pop up for crap I have virtually no interest
in. This is especially true on the site. STOP IT! I now pledge I WILL NEVER BUY
ANYTHING that pops up in a Google Ad or from any company that uses them. Seriously.

Re: We want to hear about YOU!

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Top Contributor
With due respect William, nobody is forcing you to click on them. In fact, nobody is forcing you to even look at them. If you don't like them, just stop visiting the sites that use them to fund the service that they provide to you (most likely) for free.

Shouldn't your anger be directed to the sites that use Google ads rather than the facilitator of the sale of those ads? I don't like TV ads but I'm not angry at game of thrones for that. takes an AWFUL lot of money to run. It's not a charitable organization. Do you work for free? If not, does your company advertise?

If you hate Google ads so much, why are you posting on the ad support community? I'd also be curious as to how you found this post? Are you an advertiser or did you search Google?

Again, nobody is asking or forcing you to even look at a site with ads. So I believe your anger is quite misplaced.

Finally, Google do a pretty stellar job of keeping their ads unobtrusive, safe and non-annoying compared to pretty much every other ad network out there. I'd be hating on thousands of others on those points before Google.

Thanks for your input though. Even though it's not really what was asked in the OP.

PS: If you pledge to never buy from a company that doesn't use Google ads, I'm just guessing here, but you may not be able to buy anything ever again. You'd be surprised how many businesses that your way of life depends on use AdWords.