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Understanding Your Account: Reports to Help Guide Positive Change

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Data is invaluable for advertisers, especially in a fluid online market space. There are various reports available within the AdWords platform that can provide you with data and knowledge about your account, but below are common reports that provide great data but may not be as well known:


Top Movers Report

Ever wonder what effect small changes in your account have had? Or ever experience a dip or surge of traffic and wonder if it external forces or something within your account?


Well, the Top Movers Report is your best resource for understanding these changes!


To find this hidden gem, navigate to your Dimensions tab while on All Online Campaigns, and from the "View" drop down menu choose "Top Movers". 


To get a really great snapshot to start from is 28 days. The results you will find are the top campaigns and ad groups which have seen the biggest changes in the date range chosen. Within each row you will find information regarding this change (good or bad) and potential causes. 


More information can be found on the help center article below:

Understanding the Top Movers Report



Ever wonder what devices are clicking on what ads? Or wonder what type of "click" is being reported (click on headline, click-to-call, sitelink etc.)?


Segmenting your data is a great way to get a more granular view of what you are looking at. To do this, select a tab you are interested in viewing (Keywords, Ads, Ad Group....). Then select the button Segment, and from the drop down menu you can choose how you would like to segment the data.


More information on the breakdown of the segment types can be found on the link below:

Segmenting Data


Search Terms
Ever wonder what people are actually typing into Google to see your ad? Want to now exactly how broad your broad match keywords are matching?
When you select the Keywords tab, navigate to the button Details, and under Search Terms select All. This will populate (for the date range in the top right corner of your screen) the keywords that your ads showed for, how they matched, and the relative stats. 
This can also be done on an individual keyword level by first choosing the keyword(s) you would like to see details for by checking the box to the left of the keyword under the Keywords tab, navigate to the button Details, and under Search Terms select Selected
This is a great moment to see terms that you may frequently show for (that are not relevant) and add them to your Negative Keyword List (Adding Negative Keywords), OR reworking your keywords to be more tailored (Keyword Match Types). 
Display Network Targeting Diagram
Ever wonder how the system is taking your targeting information to choose where to show your Display Network advertisements? Every wonder what the difference would look like in your account between choosing 'Target and Bid" or "Bid Only"?
When analyzing or deciding how to target your Display Network ads, select the Display Network tab, select Placements, choose Change Display Targeting. Here you will be asked to select an ad group. 
What will populate will be the relative information regarding how you are targeting your ads, but on the right side you will see a Venn diagram. The shaded areas will show you how you are targeting your ads in reference to the overlap of the different targeting methods. Selecting 'Target and Bid' vs. 'Bid Only' you will notice a change in this shaded region. The following resource Targeted Settings on the Display Network will help to further analyze this data. 
Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any follow up questions and I would be happy to assist. 
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Re: Understanding Your Account: Reports to Help Guide Positive Change

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This is great, Carissa!