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2.3K members online now
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Thank you Top Contributors.

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Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi All,


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the TCs of this Community. They are unparalleled assets to this Community and they are who make each of us feel at home here! Thank you TCs for being here.


I'd also like to call out the TCs that joined this Community from other forums to offer help in their areas of specialization.


Ad Grants Top Contributor RobertCoats for the incredible ownership he takes in helping the Ad Grants users and potential grantees. He's been a great addition to this Community. Thank you Robert! 


Google Shopping Top Contributors Celebird and Tom_Wilson for helping merchants and users resolve their Shopping issues. 


Thank you all for making this Community very special and a close-knit one! 

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Re: Thank you Top Contributors.

Badged Google Partner
# 2
Badged Google Partner

Kudos to all the TC's and those that gain from their vast experience, helpfulness and patience to solve issues, problems and advice.


My Personal Gratitude to:
(Too many users mentioned. You can @mention only 10 user(s) in a post)


I have had the great pleasure to work with @RobertCoats for over a year and half on all aspects of AdWords and he is a highly respected AdWords Expert.

I have also followed the advice of @Celebird from his posts as well a websites for a long time as well, and his knowledge of AdWords is spot on.

I would also want to thank @Jon_Gritton for his mentorship  from back in the Google Partner Days through today.

I would like to thank @MosheTLV for being a go to guy on all thing Policy and general help and great conversations!

I would like to thank Tommy Sands ( PPCBossman) for great conversations and insights


I would like to thank Therea Zook  for keeping it real


I would like to thank @Rakesh Kumar for conversations, double-checking behind me and adding on with great insights.


I would like to thank @Neha Gupta for her Mentorship and advice.


I would like to thank Steve  @stickleback for his wonderful insights


I would Like to thank Calin  ( Adwiser)  for his humor, insights and great conversations at the 2014 AdWords Summit.


I would like to thank Pankaj 1782 I would like to thank for all the great answers and support he has provided to all and your posts are always spot on and to the point.


I would like to thank @Deepak_V for all his great answers and support to all the users and anyone he interacts with.


I would like to thank  ScottyD ( Scott Dunroe)  for all his advice and conversation over the past half year.


Also awesome seeing Tom Wilson  back for his insights and posts


I would also like to thank the TC's I met at the 2014 AdWord Summit that I haven't had the chance to catch up with as much   @ Kim Clink  , @Brian_Valentini, @Dave_Davis @Jack_Porter_Smith  yall are truly inspirational.




Also without the Great support from Googlers Like

@Mini-CM@KathleenG and @Buzzb  et al  

we wouldn't have such a great community!!


It is a team effort of all wonderful people that are truly awesome and impressive when you meet them in Real Life as well,  that make this one of the premiere locations and destinations to visit on the web!!


And you learn something from it as well,,  Double Bonus Smiley Happy

Re: Thank you Top Contributors.

Top Contributor
# 3
Top Contributor

Can't be more expressive than @Eric Gehler here (Thanks Eric). But that does not mean my gratitude is any lesser Smiley Happy .


Kudos to all TC's, You're AWESOME. 


And thanks to all Googlers, especially @Mini-CM, the way you motivate us all community members is unparalleled. 


Ratan Jha



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Re: Thank you Top Contributors.

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Thanks for the kind words @Mini-CM. It is very much appreciated!

Re: Thank you Top Contributors.

Rising Star
# 5
Rising Star
Kudos to all TCs. You all are awesome in holding the spirit high Smiley Happy

Thanks to every TC for the wonderful thoughts, suggestions, friendly mentions, etc.

Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Thank you Top Contributors.

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Hi, i appreciate your acknowledgement, yet i reserves special thanks for you, for organising and inspection, and discovering the participants participated,