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Special Edition Community Spotlight - Tom Wilson

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Google Employee
# 1
Google Employee

“I feel the community here are approachable, knowledgeable and always willing to help.”

-Read below to find out more about our newest Top Contributor to the AdWords Community!


Q: To start off, give us some background about yourself and how you got started with PPC - specifically AdWords.


A: When I started working as a Web Developer, one of my many responsibilities was to increase our web presence in organic results. In 2005 I branched out and created my first PPC Ad Campaign with AdWords.


As my duties increased, I commenced working with a large automotive company within the UK in early 2006. Here is where I first discovered the Google Merchant Center Forum. I started to learn the product whilst getting their online and helping others with the knowledge I was gaining. Later that year I was granted Top Contributor status and it went from there.


As Google Merchant Center changed, so did I. My interest in PPC has grown with the newly added Shopping Campaigns, I also now control existing Google Shopping customers Adwords accounts. As I enjoy methodical planning and financial accounts analysis, AdWords captivated my interest.



Q:  You and Celebirds are the most recent additions to our Top Contributor team, how has the transition been to the AdWords Community?


A: Although it felt daunting, moving from a smaller forum, the community has been very welcoming and the new format is superb. Both Coco and Caryn made me aware of the process and kept me updated throughout every step of the process. I find myself learning new things daily, which had become a rarity within the old Google Merchant Center forum. In a way it has taken me back to my earlier days when I was growing in knowledge of an ever changing product, I hope this will continue and I will find the same familiarity of Adwords.


Q:  Tell us your best experience so far in the Community?


A: Like I previously mentioned, within the GMC forum, there was very little in the way of contributors for advice and this left only that of myself and Celebird regularly committing our time to offer assistance to struggling users. I feel the community here are approachable, knowledgeable and always willing to help. With the ability to reach out to Community Managers and fellow top contributors, some of whom, have such extensive knowledge, makes this move a much easier one.



Q: Can you share your best tip for creating Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads?


A: I believe and work on the premise of planning and quality. I have spent years optimising datafeeds to achieve better placement in results, so understand that although bids do play a strong part, without a rich body of content, the chance of exposure is much smaller. Shopping Campaigns opened up a new door to the Shopping platform and with the ability to create ad groups, this allows promotion of your most profitable items. I encourage users to create strong descriptions and include all available attributes. I don't believe you ever reach a point where no improvements can be made, it is a constant project that requires time and effort.


Q: Let’s do a hypothetical question: Say the Google AdWords design team approached you asking you what is the one feature you would like to add to AdWords. What would it be?


A: Moving from my more familiar GMC environment, where the functionality was lacking, the AdWords range of features, reports and user interaction available is a dream to work with.


Saying that, I would love for the Adwords UI to allow even greater control of products within Product Listing Ad's/Shopping Campaigns. Similar to that found within the Google Merchant Center dashboard, to display the product in detail, image, link, attributes etc.


It would also be great if just like the forums, the GMC and Adwords products combined, allowing users to upload their feeds within their AdWords login.


I have seen so many improvements recently that have been a positive move forward and can’t wait to see where it progresses.


Q: Lastly to end our interview on a Googley note, tell us something cool about you?


A: Hm... Cool.... Not a word I overly associate with.. I've always been more of a quiet, nose in a book type, I love to learn new things, and achieving goals. I enjoy exploring different products, working with API's to create tools, one of which was a Google Featured Project in 2008.


I am very proud of this and was deeply saddened when the API was retired and the tools could no longer function.


Out-with this my proudest achievements to date are Graduating top of my class from University in 2005 with a BSC Hons in Computer Science,


I would like to thank you for including me in the Spotlight, and to all of those whom welcomed me, it truly is an honour to be part of a great community.



Tune in to the Community to find out who will be the next on the Spotlight interview. Want to be featured in the next Spotlight? Let us know by posting a reply on this thread.

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Re: Special Edition Community Spotlight - Tom Wilson

Top Contributor
# 2
Top Contributor
Awesome interview and I remember the GBCA!!!!
I had no idea you wrote that. You say that "cool" isn't something that you overly associate with? I think you're being pretty modest, I find that pretty **bleep** cool!

I've been buried in datafeeds lately as we take on more and more clients with greater GMC, PLA and Shopping Campaign needs so I'm really looking forward to learning from your vast experience.

Oh, and I too would love if we could upload or edit feeds in Adwords, better yet, AdWords Editor! (How awesome would that be?)

Re: Special Edition Community Spotlight - Tom Wilson

Top Contributor
# 3
Top Contributor

Ohhh....  Great interview!  And Tom has a dog!  Smiley Happy

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Special Edition Community Spotlight - Tom Wilson

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Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

fantastic interview!


tom is a gentleman, scholar, and definitely cool.


Re: Special Edition Community Spotlight - Tom Wilson

Participant ✭ ✭ ☆
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Participant ✭ ✭ ☆

Hi Guys


Thanks Smiley Happy


 @Dave_Davis  - I agree, that would be awesome. 


@MosheTLV - Yep, he does! Also has another dog and a little cat.


@Celebird - Thank you sir! Ditto


Re: Special Edition Community Spotlight - Tom Wilson

Rising Star
# 6
Rising Star
Great Interview Smiley Happy