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Shopping Campaign - Upgrade Tips

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Yesterday, we hosted a Hangout on Air about upgrading to Shopping campaigns. If you missed any part of the session or would like to refer back to the content, you can find the full video here:



For those of you who want to refresh of how to get started with Shopping campaigns, check out a previous Learn With Google Hangout introducing you to Shopping campaigns:


Also, we received a lot of great questions during the Q&A and didn’t have time to get to all of them. Here’s a few we didn’t get to:


Q: Can we only add negative keywords at a campaign level?

A: Similar to regular PLA campaigns, Shopping campaigns supports negative keywords for your campaign and ad group


Q: Is there a way to filter inventory for my ad groups?

A: Inventory filters are only available at a campaign level. That said, whenever possible, we recommend using “exclusions” in place of inventory filters as they’re more visible and often easier to keep track across multiple campaigns.


Q: We copied our regular PLA campaigns over to a Shopping campaign and are still seeing a decrease in impressions and clicks. Are we doing something wrong?

A: Shopping campaigns are a better way to manage your Product Listing Ads in AdWords, meaning there are no differences on the back-end between regular PLA campaigns and Shopping campaigns. If you’re not happy with your performance, we recommend you use Shopping campaigns’ more robust reporting features to analyze your performance and identify optimization opportunities.


Q: Can you use ‘>’ to add separate values in a custom label?

A: With custom labels, you can add multiple values into one custom label field. For example, custom label 1 can have “high margin” and “low margin”. You should use the “>” symbol with a space on both sides to separate levels in your “product_type” attribute. Keep in mind that you can use up to 5 levels (e.g. Apparel > Womens > Dresses > Strapless > Petite).


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Thanks Coco for sharing.