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Review Extensions - A Week's Worth of Wonderful Extensions!

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What is a Review Extension?

Review Extensions allow advertisers to enrich their Search Ads by adding a line of text that highlights a positive article, award, or ranking from a 3rd party site. Review extensions can show on any Search ad on mobiles, and desktops and tablets.


Review extensions let customers know that a respected third-party source has had a positive experience with your business. Adding a quote from a positive review, award, or accolade to the text beneath your ads gives potential customers one more reason to click on your ad!


We base seller ratings on a number of sources. These sources include reviews from Google Shopping and Google Trusted Stores, as well as feeds from many independent review websites that can be found here.



Why should I implement Review Extensions?

Through testing this format of Extensions, we have found that there can be +10% lift in CTR on desktop ads, and +16% CTR on mobile ads!


What is great about Review Extensions, is there is no charge for clicks to the review site. Clicks on the ad headline are charged normally (CPC) but we will not report on clicks to the source/review link.


Still not convinced? Here is a case study on of a customer’s success from using Review Extensions!

How can I track the effectiveness of Review Extensions?

As with all extensions, you can navigate to the Ad extensions tab and select “View: Review Extensions” from the drop-down menu to show a table with the associated reviews and performance statistics including clicks, impressions, and clickthrough rate (CTR). If you are also tracking conversions you’ll be able to see this information here by enabling the conversion columns.

What do Review Extensions look like?

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.24.44.png

I’ve enabled Review Extensions, why are they not showing?

Its possible that you have not accurately quoted or paraphrased the source and you follow these requirements:

  • The review's content should be visible in the text on the source page.
  • The tone and content of the review must match the original source.
  • Ellipses (...) should be used to show missing words or phrases in the middle of the review.
  • Reviews must reflect the overall content of the source page.
  • Reviews should not be more than 12 months old.


If you are sure that you are compliant with the above, it could just be the case that other extensions you have enabled are taking preference, or you may need to increase your bid or your ad quality (or both). You can read more about why Ad Extensions might not be showing here.

Anything else to know about Review Extensions?

There are some policy restrictions around these extensions, so its important to review these in full before you get started. You can find the full Policy here.

The most important things to remember is that the reviews must be from credible, third-party sources, and you're responsible for ensuring that you have permission to use the reviews in your ads (if permission is necessary)


Ready to implement Review Extensions? Get started here.



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Re: Review Extensions - A Week's Worth of Wonderful Extensions!

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It seems that you are really in love with all the extensions Smiley Very Happy

Re: Review Extensions - A Week's Worth of Wonderful Extensions!

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@Ahmed Ali I really am! I think using the right Ad Extension is the best way to showcase the perks of your business! 


And as the title suggests - I have a week's worth of extensions to share with you so you can expect more posts this week!


Thanks for reading!