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Puzzle Pathway to Help You Learn AdWords

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If you’re a new advertiser and want to learn about AdWords in a fun way, try out this puzzle pathway, where you can learn about AdWords through a series of ten puzzles.


See if you can get to the answers faster than some of our Community members!


1. AdWords in 6 Words

Get to know the AdWords product with this fun game and see if you can describe AdWords in 6 words or less!


2.Word Scramble

Use this word scramble puzzle to learn what types of features are available in your account. If you get stuck, this AdWords Glossary will help you unravel what these word scrambles are.


3. & 4. Riddles and Crossword

Now you know what some of the features in your AdWords account are, see if you can work out which features the crossword and riddles are referring to. If you need any help, try out this guide on How AdWords Works to learn more.


5. True or False?

With a firmer grasp of the features in your account, why not try out this puzzle to help learn what some of these features will and won’t do!


6. Spot the Difference

Halfway there! Now discover some tips on how to optimise your ad text with this "spot the difference" game.


7. Word Search

Use this puzzle to learn about the possibilities available to you with Enhanced Campaigns. Need help? This guide here will give you some tips.


8. Boggle

Find out how to measure your return on investment with this fun Boggle game. See if you can spell out an AdWords feature that will help you measure your conversions and explain how that feature works.


9. Fill in the Gaps

Now you’ve got a good grasp of AdWords basics and how to measure your ROI, learn how to troubleshoot your ads if something is not right.


10. Code Word

Now you understand the dynamics of a regular search campaign, try this code word puzzle to learn more about the features of AdWords for Video campaigns. If you need more help, check out this article.

Re: Puzzle Pathway to Help You Learn AdWords

Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
This is a great AdWords learning path! Thanks for sharing, Coco.

Re: Puzzle Pathway to Help You Learn AdWords

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Thanks for putting up all of this together. It was super fun.. Smiley Happy