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Last Week in the AdWords Community (Feb. 10-16)

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Hello AdWords Community Members, and welcome back to the weekly digest!




Here’s what you may have missed in the boards last week:


AdWords Announcements & Updates

  • Support is now available through the English AdWords Twitter, G+, Facebook, and YouTube pages 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday!
  • All GMB users now have the ability to add profile, logo, and cover photos via the spreadsheet upload feature or directly in the Google My Business interface
  • A revamped workflow now makes it easier to setup automated bidding. Rolling out in the next few weeks: “flexible bid strategies” will be renamed “portfolio bid strategies”; the ability to create or add items to portfolio bid strategies directly from your campaign settings; “Conversion Optimizer” will be renamed “Target CPA”; and you’ll be able to set Target CPA goals for individual ad groups
  • The Customer Match file size limit has been increased from 25MB to 100MB, allowing you to include more emails per upload


Recent Articles

 Check out the rest of the Learn section for more in-depth discussions of both basic and advanced topics.

Top Starred Members

These Community members went above and beyond last week, answering other members' questions, explaining difficult concepts, and troubleshooting technical issues:


  1. @Clynton M
  2. @Jon_Gritton
  3. @RobertCoats
  4. @MosheTLV
  5. @David Kyle


Thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge and making the AdWords Community a great place to come back to each week!



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Re: Last Week in the AdWords Community (Feb. 10-16)

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Thanks again to everyone for your sharing your questions!