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Improve your AdWords campaign in 5 steps

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Zee Community Manager
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Hi AdWords Community members!
Are you new to AdWords? If you are, we've got good news for you! There's a new resource — the Improve your Campaign checklist — to help you get your campaign off to a strong start. 
The checklist will take you through what you need to know in five quick steps. Specifically, it'll cover how to 
  • Improve your keywords
  • Refine your bids
  • Review your budget
  • Group your ads
  • Write great ads
The checklist includes step-by-step instructions, tips, and access to guided help within your AdWords account. 
Hope you'll find this useful!

Here is why we all took our AdWords $ and ran away...

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52 auto glass companies left AdWords and took their money to Yelp. I own 3 of said businesses.

When you search for the term 'windshield repair', the newest Google displays products for sale on the right.

These products, DIY windshield repair kits do not work, yet their cheap price entices people to buy them. We all saw a spike in the number of botched windshield repairs by consumers coming to our shops. These 'kits' do not work properly, but once the job is botched, we cannot correct the mess it leaves behind.


People are remembering where they bought that bogus product...from Google.


We get a click charge for people coming to us to repair a botched job. Do the math. It doesn't work out.


If someone creates a do-it-yourself home suture kit, I suppose it will display in the shopping results next to emergency room results.