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[Hangout on Air] Google Analytics Goals

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Join Josh, Kelly and Gio for the second installment of this month's Hangout Series on Google Analytics. This week, we will talk to you about the importance of tracking your success using Goals, how to set them up, and how to view this information in AdWords. 


Watch the recording of the live event here:

Tune in next week at 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT on Thursday the 19th of June for the next part of this month's Analytics series.

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Re: [Hangout on Air] Google Analytics Goals

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Hello Friends,


This a non-provoked completely voluntary public service announcement from me, myself - to all of you lovely advertisers out there. I wish that all of you would read this post and laugh because you already have excellent tracking strategies implemented to measure your results, but I fear many will not have any or very poor tracking...I've seen it, most of you have too.


It cannot be repeated enough...track your conversions, goals, sales, however you want to refer to them is fine with me. Seriously, you either Analytics or you guess...I suppose AdWords tracking is pretty darn good too. However you want to do something and anything is better than nothing. Start small and simple...then explore. Get some real results to base your decisions on, it's really a game changer.   


Please also understand, all this Analytics tracking stuff may seem difficult to some. I promise that you don't need to be Avinash to get started, I certainly was not and many others like me and you at some point had no experience. There are tons of great resources ones, just like this hangout. I've been an Analytics user for a number of years now. I still have such a long way to go and I'm still learning all the time. Dig will change your entire perspective data analysis. 


I think you get my point...that is all - thank you for your time.  Smiley Happy


Have a great day!




P.S. Track your conversions!!


P.P.S - Avinash Kaushik - I figure someone will ask...right? Everyone should familiarize themselves with this guy...brilliant and an amazing presenter as well. 

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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