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Google Shopping: Optimizing Product Attributes

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Tomorrow we will be having the final session of our four-part Google Shopping Feed Office Hours series via Google Hangouts on Air.


This last session will be Tuesday, October 22 @ 10AM PT and focuses on Optimizing Product Attributes. We will cover how to improve data quality of feeds and provide tips on optimizing product attributes for better campaign performance. Register for the event here. Feel free to submit questions for our live Q&A afterwards at


UPDATED: Here's the recording of Office Hours:



We hope that these Office Hours have been helped you prepare your data feeds for holiday shopping traffic. Black Friday is a little over a month away, so we want to make sure your Product Listing Ads are optimized to drive more traffic to your store. Review our previous Office Hours Hangout on Air sessions for even more tips on preparing your feeds:


Pricing, Taxes & Shipping

How do I include the right price into my data feed?

How does tax & shipping work?

What if I have a sale or promotion for free shipping?

Watch here:


Troubleshooting Disapprovals

What do I do if my feed is disapproved?

What are the common data feed and data quality pitfalls?

How do I ensure all my products are approved?

Watch here:


Scaling Inventory Updates

What are the best practices for updating and editing my feed?

What are the various data feed upload methods?

What are the pros and cons of each method?

Watch here:

Re: Google Shopping: Optimizing Product Attributes

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Community Manager

Thank you for attending our Google Shopping Feed Office Hours on Tuesday. If you missed part of the session, please find the stream here:


To see any of our other sessions to the series please go to:

Part 1 “Pricing, Taxes & Shipping”:

Part 2 “Troubleshooting Disapprovals”:

Part 3 “Scaling Inventory Updates”:


We have summarized the top questions from the Q&A portion of the event:


Q: How do I separate multiple values (UPC, EAC, etc.) in the GTIN field for a product in my feed?

A: The GTIN attribute accepts up to 10 values. Each value should be separated by a comma. In most cases, the GTIN attribute only needs 1 value.


Q: Do the non-mandatory fields, such as Google Product Category, affect product-query matching in any way?

A: Some attributes help us understand your data better, making it more relevant and also allow us to build great new tools like Shopping campaigns that allow you to bid more granularly on product categories.


Q: Should you include foreign language wording if your site has a world wide appeal?

A: It is OK to have a few foreign language words in your title or description if it helps describe the product. Be careful of overusing a foreign language - if Google determines that there is overuse of foreign words in one listing it will disapprove that item.


Q: If we have variant item data, should we use the same image for all variants?

A: No. You should include a separate image for that specific variant. If you are advertising a purple bag, be sure to add the corresponding image of a purple bag.


Q: What do you suggest for brands that have a lot of misspelled search queries? Can we include some misspellings in the description?

A: No. You would not want to include misspellings in your description or title. The description and title should match content on your landing page. It is not necessary to include additional keywords. Google search recognizes brand misspellings during the search and will correct the search query with “did you mean?” in most misspelling cases.


Q: I have many products with over 70 characters in the titles. How should I handle these products to display on Google Shopping?

A: We suggest optimizing to have the key information is in the first 30 characters of the title and not cutting down the titles. Characters displayed vary depending on where the ad is shown.


As we mentioned during the Hangout, here are a few URLs and resources for questions regarding Optimizing Product Attributes


Merchant Center Help Center:

Products Feed Specification -

Summary of Attribute Requirements -