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Feedback about the AdWords interface?

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi Community,


We would like to hear your ideas about how we can improve the AdWords interface. Our product team is collecting feedback about the product functionality of AdWords (e.g. buttons, notifications etc.).


Here are some examples of valuable feedback:

  • Where you find the “All Video Campaigns” button
  • How the system provides keyword suggestions
  • Notifications you see in the Campaign tab

If you have interface ideas, feel free to share them with our team (be as specific as possible!) at this link:

Thank you very much!

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Re: Feedback about the AdWords interface?

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II really would like to see improvement of MMC account interface too
I would like to see more columns on Accounts report
the same Customize columns options like on Client account

For example missing column Cost / conv. (1-per-click)

Feedback about the AdWords interface?

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What the hell is this interface? Just add the new features to the old interface. It is not that you cannot find stuff in it it just has a shiny design that has a bad user experience. Eyes cannot stay in one place cause of all the shadows and color. I mean who the hell did this design on the platform? A newbie? Did you ever do an eye tracking study on the new interface? 

Feedback about the AdWords interface?

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Thank you.

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