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[Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign for online sales?

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Community Manager

Hi Community,

As you probably know, we have free AdWords courses that we offer within our Help Center. They're great resources, especially if you're new to AdWords and online marketing.

We're going to start a weekly quiz series where we ask a question that can be answered through one of our courses. This week's question is from Advanced tips for tracking and improving online sales.

Question of the week:
What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign for online sales?

Anyone can answer (you don't have to have taken the course) - so let's see who can get the most stars for their response!

Get posting below!

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Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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The Search Term Report is something I'll always go straight to for quick and significant optimisation. Usually this report is referred to as an effective way to build your negative keyword lists but it can also be a great way to identify which specific search terms are generating conversions for you. If you notice that one term in particular is converting well then it's worth adding it to your campaign as a keyword so that you can have more control over management such as bidding for example.


I'll generally try to look at the Search Term Report on a daily basis if possible.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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Some of my advices would be -


Choose keywords wisely - Make sure you have action oriented search queries included in your keywords. For instance, if you sell camera, include keywords like - buy camera online, best dslr camera, cheap dslr camera etc. 


All these underlined adjectives make it clear that the person searching with these queries are already in the middle or almost-final stage of search funnel.  Targeting such users would obviously lead to more conversions. 


Write actionable ad copies - Don't just say it or make people aware. Come on, you are not aiming merely branding, you need actions, get your ads optimized accordingly. Do not hesitate, ask people to take actions. Include offers, USPs and Call To Action in your ads. 


For instance - 

  • Upto 30% Off, Hurry, Order Now. 
  • COD & Free Shipping, Buy Now. 
  • Place your orders today.

I personally prefer the second description line in the ad text for such action texts. Don't forget to use Ad Formats like - CallOut, Sitelinks, Reviews/Rating etc. if possible. 


Don't forget your landing page - Optimize your landing page in line with your keywords, ad texts, and advertising goals. Have answers to all your customers probable queries ready. Include reviews/testimonials, shipping details, refund policies, payment methods etc. on your landing page. Make your action button more prominent on the page. 


Track, analyse, and optimize - Track everything you can, analyse them at intervals, and do the optimizations accordingly. 


In short, there are three important things that one should keep in mind while optimizing for online sales - reaching to the right people, getting them to the website, and convincing them to convert. Thanks to AdWords, it all is possible.


Ratan Jha


About Me: Community Profile | Ratan Jha INC.
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Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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Top Contributor
For any online sales campaign... tracking Revenue is the most important aspect.
To optimize a these kind of campaigns, I would use Revenue/ROI data and optimize for the best performing keyword wrtad positions and budgets for that theme. for example, If i am selling all models of laptopns, cellphobes and TVs, I try and figure out from where am I getting the max revenue. Try and increase budgets for that place.. and pull budgets from elsewhere.

AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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Make sure your ad is relevant to your campaign goals!


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Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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Great contributions. Agree with you ScottyD on running search term reports in general. Ratan-Jha, can't agree more about actionable Ad copy and follow-through on landing pages with clear call-to-actions.  And Shroffs, I agree that ROI is most important and people should not get lost in simply conversions since products will likely not all cost the same!

Some additional tip:


  • Create remarketing lists. Making custom remarketing lists allows you to show ads to potential customers in the Display Network that have already established an interest in what you are selling, therefore making them more likely to convert.


  • Consider the value of sales outside of just ROI.  Even if some sales are a few dollars under the cost of advertising, remember that they can lead to returning customers, referrals, and so on.  Of course overall you want your ROI to be positive.


  • Make sure to keep your Ad copy up-to-date with current promotions you are running.


  • Have campaign strategies established ahead of time to take advantage of busy seasons for your products. And use seasonal data from prior years.

Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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Some of Optimization I used for my Campaign:-


For Search Campaign:-


Check Keyword Report: First I use to check my keyword & their performance and optimize their bid accordingly. Thereafter I jump to search term report and basis on the performance I add more keywords to my ad group or exclude keywords from ad group. 

Also, I always keep looking for negative keywords. Negative keywords significantly increase the CTR of Ad.


Ad Copy: After Keywords report I generally check Ad copies. I do this exercise on weekly basis and pause the ad which is consuming my most of the budget but not giving me conversion and try to make another copy of ad.



For Display Campaign:


I usually check placement report and exclude all those placement URL which is not giving me conversion.  


I also keep close eye of hour of the day & device report and adjust my bid accordingly for both search & display campaign.

Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

Rising Star
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Rising Star
Great thread, Kathleen.

I would add few points to the things which are mentioned above:

- take advantage from full integration with Google Analytics so you can import such metrics as Bounce rate and average session duration straight in Adwords;

- take advantage of conversion optimizer so you can automatize bid management when you will have enough conversion data;

- create remarketing lists in Google Analytics ( not in Adwords) so you can create more relevant lists and taget all websiite visitors ( not only adwords visitors);

- use DSA which generate really good CTR;

- create mobile version of the website and create specific ads for mobile users which have different behaviour and different screen sizes;

Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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-1 creative themed ad for every 2 relevance break-outs, as a test and for discovery (of course every ad should be creative... and clear.. and direct...and much more)

-1 constant discovery campaign as an investment in future - ROI (broad at 10% constantly running isn't for the goal of CPA-target but instead either attribution-analysis and/or audience discovery)

-always try a new campaign type and new format when released and available because you just never know (predetermined budget then refine based on KPI / Logic)

-never delete a campaign or make a major change before assessing its attribution-contribution and what role it really pays in comparison to how I am judging it.

Re: [Discussion] What are your favorite tips for optimizing a campaign

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Keep on analysing  campaigns tiime to time and keep a track record  for that.