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3.9K members online now
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Community Member of the Week - leandrofm (08/26)

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi AdWords Community! 
Join me in congratulating this week's AdWords Community Member of the week, @leandrofm!
Q: Tell us about your career choice and how you ended up using AdWords with your Business.
I was always involved with digital advertising for as long as I can remember. I think that AdWords naturally appeared into my life, since all companies reach a point where they would like to expand their brand awareness and increase sales. 
I've always been an analytical person, and being able to get a closer look at consumer behavior, digital trends and stuff like that is what convinced me that Adwords was the right place for me.
Q: Tell us about your best AdWords experience?
The best experience for me was a credit card company. The client had a great knowledge and understanding about digital advertising. They understand that when you have a performance KPI, the Adwords campaign is only part of the whole consumer journey. We were able to run numerous tests on adwords, things to increase QS, ROI based on ad position, influence of branded campaigns on long-tail campaigns, display and remarketing attribution on search, link between Adwords with Analytcs and 3rd party Analytics and so on. It was that kind of job that you get excited to learn something new each day, and even better to see the positive results that came out of all the optimization and studies.
Q: What's one lesson or tip you want to share with your fellow Adwords Community members?
From what I can see messing with Adwords for a little more then 8 years now, is that a lot of advertisers don't make plans anymore. They just run on doing things without knowing where and what they want to achieve. Planning your digital strategy is the difference between saving time, collecting results and small changes on the future, than collecting problems and big account changes.
Q. What do you enjoy most about the community?
I think it is the ability to pass tips on errors we had to learn the hard way, and to really learn with others. The social engagement is awesome, and being able to see things that usually you don't the opportunity (market segments, projetc ideas, different feature application) is even better. It's a whole cycle about teaching and learning.
Q: What is your most recent contribution to the Community which you would like to highlight?
It would be this one:
Tagging problems is something I see that most people have difficult with. I've seen people using Custom GA URLs when they have Adwords linked and Analytics. Cases of clients using custom campaign parameters to measure internal traffic like a click on the home sliders, and that kind of thing. Measurement and tagging is one of the most important thing on a digital strategy, specially with Adwords, so we need to have a clear view on how Adwords works with Analytics.
Q: Where would you like to see the AdWords Community go in the future?
I'd like to see Adwords Community always growing. For me, all advertisers should be part of the community to share experiences, knowledge and ideas. Those three items always create new possibilities and keep everyone active in the "game". It's sad that good professionals get stuck in time or don't keep up with the changes.
Q: Lastly to end our interview on a Googley note, tell us something cool about you? Or something you’ve experienced?
I like games and stuff that somehow mess with our heads you now? Like magic. Magicians are able to create stunning illusions, and puts you in a state where you can escape reality for a brief moment and believe that was real. All these kinds of games and puzzles mesmerize me because of that brief moment. I think that this is a challenge for our brains to try and keep up with whats going on Smiley Happy
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Re: Community Member of the Week - leandrofm (08/26)

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Rising Star
Kudos @leandrofm! Keep up the great job Smiley Happy
Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Community Member of the Week - leandrofm (08/26)

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Top Contributor

Nice interview Leandro ! Congrats. Keep up the great work!


Ratan Jha

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Re: Community Member of the Week - leandrofm (08/26)

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Thank you so much guys Smiley Happy


It's an honor to be part of this community and being among such talented people from many markets/countries. Really, that's awesome Smiley Very Happy



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