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Community Member of the Week - Ollie (1/8)

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Hello AdWords Community! I hope you’ve been able to rest, recharge, and start 2016 with big ambitions.

Please welcome our first Community Member of the Week of 2016, @ollie! Ollie has been a regular contributor in the Community since she joined in 2013, and I’m happy to say that she has chosen to share more about herself with us today! Read on to hear about her bakery and her collaboration with a popular YouTuber:


Q: Tell us about your career choice and how you ended up using AdWords with your business.

A: Firstly, I'd like to thank friends for introducing me to AdWords and to Cassie for inviting me here. They have been a great help in many ways. I'm currently in a bakery business with my sister. So, we are thinking of expanding the business through online and a good way to advertise is to learn and understand AdWords better. As an experiment, I set up a dummy account with the help of a friend. It helps me to recognize the available features that can help me understanding how AdWords works and it's still an ongoing process. Much more to learn Smiley Wink


Q: Tell us about your best AdWords experience.

A: Everything I study and do with AdWords is a great experience for me. It's hard to highlight one since I'm constantly learning. Above all that, I enjoy reading and writing about AdWords as it is the best platform and it continuously improves, giving opportunities to anyone who is interested in online business.


Q: What's one lesson or tip you want to share with your fellow AdWords Community members?

A: I have one tip to share, learn AdWords. It looks simple but it's a complex platform. Putting money into something without enough knowledge is never advisable. I remember one tip from a friend, you can't stop learning even if you assume you know everything.  


Q: What do you enjoy most about the Community?

A: What I enjoy most about the community is the friendliness. I enjoy being in the community since day one because members, TCs, RSs and Community Managers are so nice and friendly. I also have the chance to interact with many people here and am friends with a few as well. Seeing how people coming here to interact with each other keeps me interested in knowing more about AdWords.


Q: What is your most recent contribution to the Community which you would like to highlight?

A: Most of my contributions are answering questions. The questions taught me to always be ready to answer because people are having real issues and need assistance. I feel happy in helping them out with anything that I know of. Here are few of my contributions on help with a promotional code and improving quality score and search term results.


Q: Where would you like to see the AdWords Community go in the future?

A: Well, the community we have now is great and it's more interactive. In the future, I'd really like to see this community to be seen as a place of knowledge for people who are interested in making business online. Maybe set up a few quizzes like last year and make online classes if possible.


Q: Lastly, to end our interview on a Googley note, tell us something cool about you! Or something cool that you've experienced.

A: I enjoy drawing, making plushies and making videos in my spare time. One of the cool experiences that I have is having the chance to be in a video on YouTube for a YouTuber celebrating a milestone. It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be seen with a popular YouTuber.


Thanks again for sharing, @ollie!


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Re: Community Member of the Week - Ollie (1/8)

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Thank you so much for this opportunity Cat Embarassed

I feel honored to be a part of it Smiley Very Happy

Re: Community Member of the Week - Ollie (1/8)

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Great Interview Ollie. Youtuber sounds fun! Smiley Happy
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