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Community Member of the Week - Archit (12/17)

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Welcome to another installment of Community Member of the Week, a series of interviews which give us a glimpse into the professional and personal lives of some of AdWords Community members. This will be our final installment of 2015!


If you spend any amount of time in the AdWords Community, you’ve likely interacted with @Archit. He’s one of our more active members, and this week’s Community Member of the Week:




Q: Tell us about your career choice and how you ended up using AdWords with your business.

A:  It was the most important decision of my life to pursue my career in digital marketing. After joining a digital marketing firm as an SEO, I switched to PPC. I am still in learning in-depth by getting new ideas, updates and strategies from the AdWords community as well as other blogs and then experimenting them practically.


Q: Tell us about your best AdWords experience.

A: It was my first campaign related to the education niche which yielded results that not only met the client’s expectation, but also achieved a conversion rate much beyond the client’s requirement.

The goal was to generate leads for the admissions and I was able to give a conversion rate of more than 30%.


Q: What's one lesson or tip you want to share with your fellow AdWords Community members?

A:  Never get satisfied with the current results, keep trying and testing because “what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.”

If you are satisfied then it means there is no scope for further optimization.


    • Q: What do you enjoy most about the Community

A: It’s a one-stop solution for everything related to AdWords. Here we have experts and specialists who are always keen to help and sort out the problem.


Q: What is your most recent contribution to the Community which you would like to highlight?

A:  I am here to learn but it is my pleasure to share my knowledge if I have the solution.

My most recent contribution which I can share is clarification I gave around a billing issue.


Q: Where would you like to see the AdWords Community go in the future?

A:  I want that this community must be first choice of every AdWords user to find and get their solutions.


Q: Lastly, to end our interview on a Googley note, tell us something cool about you! Or something cool that you've experienced.

A: I love to travel  to adventurous places and have fun and hangout with friends. I love to make friends from various cultures and countries. Apart from this, I love to spend my free time with the AdWords community.

Thanks again for sharing with us, Archit!

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Re: Community Member of the Week - Archit (12/17)

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Very informative interview @Archit 


I love this part "This community must be first choice of every AdWords user to find and get their solutions"

Re: Community Member of the Week - Archit (12/17)

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Its quite inspiring. Keep it up!