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Community Member of the Week - Alex Ander (08/03)

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Happy Monday, AdWords Community! 
@Tomáš Kraus is this week's Community Member of the Week! Congratulations!
Here is our fantastic interview with Alex! My favourite quote from his interview is, "AdWords community users are more than helpful in every situation"!
Q: Tell us about your career choice and how you ended up using AdWords with your Business.
A: I started with Adwords on 12th of May 2014 in my current job in position - junior PPC specialist in this big fragrance company. Since then I've learned so much about AdWords, had a chance to try managing AdWords accounts for 8 different countries on 3 continents, visited AdWords blogs, YouYube videos, AdWords meetings, conferences, trainings. I build myself up from the scratch and I believe my diligence and love for AdWords finally pays me back - I'm AdWords User of the Week and I looking forward to my new job experience as a senior PPC specialist in one of the greatest PPC agency in my country.
Q: Tell us about your best AdWords experience?
A: My best AdWords experience must be from Marketing Festival 2014 in Brno - Czech Republic, where Martin Roettgerding talked about Shopping campaigns segmentation with the help of negative keywords and campaign priorities - First time I've heard his presentation I was so excited - it was and still is such an elegant, smart and highly effective solution for the shopping campaign structure. I mean it was there the whole time and someone finally put this all features together to get most out of it. I implemented this solution to my shopping campaigns with a small improvements of mine and it brought me much better results, than my old campaigns.
Q: What's one lesson or tip you want to share with your fellow Adwords Community members?
A: Don't waste your time on activities you reapeat in AdWords every day/every x days - use AdWords scripts.
And I will have one more tip for you: Accounts tend to have too many keywords. Only few of these keywords brings you desired conversions - watch these keywords very closely and give them extra care
Q. What do you enjoy most about the Community?
A: Incredible amount of knowledge in one place. Also AdWords community users are more than helpful in every situation. And finally you will never find so much off the books materials about AdWords anywhere else - people share their experience with each other to be a better marketers or to teach someone to be a better marketer. I like how almost no question remains unanswered. How mostly but not only Top Contributors can appreciate a good solution to community user's problems. I love how Community Managers really care about community users and whenever there are too many similar questions, they create an article and thoroughly explaining the issue once and for all. 
Q: What is your most recent contribution to the Community which you would like to highlight?
A: It has to be a topic of mine about dealing with Final URLs upgrades problem. I believe it helped more people and received more replies than any other topic of mine for the past year. That was really rewarding.
Q: Where would you like to see the Adwords Community go in the future?
A: Foward. Always forward. There's always a room for improvement. I would like to see more community events/challenges/competitions. That could be really fun. Video guides section would be quite useful feature in the future - sometimes it is easier to tell and show in a short video - also easier to understand for many people.
Q: Lastly to end our interview on a Googley note, tell us something cool about you? Or something you’ve experienced?
A: Cool thing about me? Well I must sincerely say that two years ago I was completely nobody -  college dropout who had no idea what to do in life. Today I have an amazing job and there's nothing better than doing what you love and make a living out of it.
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Re: Community User of the Week - Alex Ander

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Congrats Alex! Fantastic interview. Good to know you better.


All the best!


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