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Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when competition is high?

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Hi everyone,


Please welcome Bill from Red Carpet Runway, the latest applicant from our Boost Your AdWords Account: Crowdsourcing Solutions for the Back-to-School Season series. Bill is a co-founder of Red Carpet Runway, and they’ve been using AdWords to promote their business for over five years.


In the video below, Bill shares with us background about his business and information about how his AdWords account is set-up. He also talks about some of the unique challenges that he’s looking for your help in figuring out!


Check out the Hangout on Air with Bill and find highlights from our conversation below.





Business information: Red Carpet Runway helps anyone create a red carpet experience with a customizable backdrop and red carpet. Both personal and professional clients can create special custom carpet/backdrop packages for events of any size.




AdWords account: Bill is running an account with several different campaign types — search, display, and AdWords for Video. Even though his business ships globally, his campaigns are focused on a US-based audience. Bill has been making incremental changes to the account recently, as he’s noticed increased industry competition, which has led to a higher CPC.





What Bill's business needs help with:


(1) Increasing conversions for display/video campaigns — The Red Carpet Runway product is very visual, so the Display Network allows Bill to showcase his products with image and video ads. Clicks on the Display Network tend to be cheaper, in Bill’s case, but his conversion rate is lower. Any suggestions for boosting the conversion rate on display/video campaigns?


(2) Striking a balance between phrase and exact match — If Bill were to use red carpet as a broad match keyword, his ads might not show to the most relevant audience. So Bill is trying to figure out the best match type for red carpet that will ensure his ads show to an interested audience but won’t be too restrictive. Any advice on that?


(3) Figuring out the best landing page for his ads — Bill has a lot of different kinds of landing pages he could use. He wants to know if it’s best to take users to a form page, a product page, a customizer page, or a video page? Or maybe have different ads that lead to different pages? It’d be great to share with Bill advice about how to select the right landing page to yield the maximum results.


Leave your ideas for Bill as a comment below!


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Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when c

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Hey Bill,


For the first segment ( Increasing conversions for display/video campaigns), it is important to analyze what quality of clicks you are receiving on Google Display Network and whether the placements are relevant or not. As your product is really eye catching and I believe it's pretty unique as well, so GDN could be real booster for your brand name and help in getting good conversions as well.


If you are  reviewing the Display campaign on regular basis, it is important to include the relevant domains under Managed category and exclude the irrelevant ones side by side, so that gradually your ads are serving to the most relevant audiences for better ROI.


I hope you are using keywords in your Display campaign as well so that Google can contextually target your ads on the theme based website. You should individually review the keywords and can increase/decrease the bids for the most important ones.


Topic level targeting could also be looked upon and relevant categories could be chosen for proper targeting.


You could also work on creating a separate campaign containing only managed placements where you are getting the best ROI for your product. This would help you in specific targeting and ads showing regularly on those selected domains so that you can achieve high end business results.


I hope you have display/image ads running as well. Make sure they are separately run in a different campaign because costing of an image ad is generally higher than a regular text ad on GDN.


I don't know if you are running a Remarketing campaign, but that's another very good option for your GDN audiences who have reached your website and have not converted. Try to pitch them with custom discounts/offers and and a separate landing page so that they get converted.


I saw your Youtube video channel. I think you have a pretty good presence with lots of views but subscribers to your channel are less (I saw 17 in numbers). They could be increased if you make short quality promotional videos for you product.


Adwords video campaign effectiveness can be calculated based on how many clicks you are getting to your website and on top of that, how many users are converting. If you see high number of clicks with low conversions, then there is a need to try a different video. You should also be focusing on your targets like Demographics, Topics, Interests and youtube keywords. Also filter out the irrelevant domains where your youtube video ads have been shown and focus more on the relevant domains.


For the second question (Striking a balance between phrase and exact match) , I would say that red carpet is a very-very generic term and chances are that this would bring in high number of relevant and irrelevant traffic with it considering the nature of business you are into. So it is very important to write very specific ad copies which should clearly give out the message to the user about your business, otherwise they will bounce back.


It would also be interesting to see what is the bounce rate for your Adwords campaigns.


About the last question (Figuring out the best landing page for his ads), it would be interesting to review the Destination URL report under Google Analytics >> Traffic sources>> Adwords>> Destination URLs.

Based on the facts you receive, it would help in identifying the right pages of your site which are giving real business to you. You could also look at creating different version of landing pages based on your audiences and analyse the traffic and other stats out of them.


I opened up your website on my android phone and it looks that regular desktop version is opening up, which means that mobile users won't feel much comfortable if you are targeting them in your Adwords campaigns.

You can think about a separate mobile site or a responsive site would be a better idea to target each user depending upon the device they are using.


I hope that's enough from myside and would help you in looking at the areas of improvement which you could make.


Best of Luck!


Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when c

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Hi Bill,


One way to improve the ROI from GDN is to treat the placement differently. Make a different campaign for the same and put keywords like Birthday Parties and other relevant event related keywords to show the ad to only those who are planning on events and are on Gmail. As per my experience this gives conversion rates better than the other placements but not as good as the search networkSmiley Happy

Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when c

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thanks but i feel so confusion with campaign adds becoz i lost more money & get no conversion of clicks

Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when c

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Thanks for the advice on targeting gmail only event planners. I will explore this on our GDN.

Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when c

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Hello, Bill.


That's a great case you've shown us, and I really like to think about such situations. Let me try to offer some small suggestions, here and there.


  1. You're mentioning a video ad, and some more to come. That probably means you're advertising on youtube, right? What are your targeting methods there?
  2. Your product is indeed visual, so why not create some image ads to target some placements on the GDN? I know Youtube is huge, but there are many newspapers reporting on all sorts of events, and you could do some research and see if there are some which are part of the GDN, and maybe you could sneak your ads on those pages Smiley Happy.
  3. The GDN might cost more at the beginning, but if you add all topics and interest categories and target them, you'll be able to narrow them down to the ones performing best, and then even go down to placement level and only keep those who provide you with a certain engagement level (page depth, time on site, reached a certain page or not, etc.).
  4. If you're expecting direct conversions from the GDN, you may be disappointed. Look for sales lift, and maybe assisted conversions, but as far as direct conversions go, they may not occur on the display network. Even assists are tricky, as people frequently move across devices and cookies are lost. Run a display campaign for a specific product, prune it (check country targeting, placements, topics, interests, gender, age groups, hour of day, day of week, etc.) and then see if in a while (a few weeks let's say) you see a lift in sales (even direct, or coming from your brand campaign) for that product. If you do, it worked. Even if your brand terms get searched more often, you win.
  5. #1 on red carpet, broad match. I'm not sure it's not possible, but I do tend to think it may prove unprofitable. You may start with [red carpet], bid only on that, and keep writing new ads until you lift your CTR as much as you can. Auction Insights are a great help here to see how you're stacking up against your competition. Once you've done all you can ad-wise (and your quality score raises to the highest level you think you can achieve), it's time to ramp up your bid until you reach that first position. For the exact match. Obviously, use sitelinks to get as much ad real estate as possible. Once you've reached P1 for red carpet in exact match, you can add phrase and broad as well, because QS will be glued to the level the exact match was capable to achieve. You will then be able to mine the search queries that the phrase and broad match get you, and create new keywords and negative keywords from there. Needless to say that Analytics and Webmaster Tools are also a goldmine with respect to keywords that landed you relevant traffic (Analytics) and keywords who might not even got you a visit, but caused your pages to show up on the search results pages.
  6. Until you see how things work, you might stick to the US, targeting-wise. And even there, you may adjust your bids according to your performance. Maybe small towns convert less than big cities. Maybe a dollar will get you further in NY than in some remote mountain village.
  7. Experience page, form page or product page? It depends. The answer is in the search query. For some of them, a product page might be better, for others a form submission page. And a glimpse of the "red carpet experience" should, in my way, be featured everywhere. Also, I'm pretty sure that a combination which might feature an experience video at the top and some very explanatory list items leading to more details about each product, and a form at the end of the product page, or somewhere where it's always visible might also work. You know, something like a homepage for an e-commerce store, which shows you, in a few seconds, the main categories sold by that store plus some great pictures.

I see I've reached the magical number se7en, so I'll stop here, hope you can use some of the suggestions above. If there's anything which is not clear, please tell us and we'll try to elaborate.



Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when c

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Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How do you increase conversions when c

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Hi Nirav,

great stuff, is excellent placement Smiley Happy