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App Extensions - A Week's Worth of Wonderful Extensions!

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What is an App Extension?

Mobile app extensions allow advertisers to extend existing text ads with a link to allow users to download a mobile application (app) from Google Play or Apple App Store. Any advertisers with a mobile app that would like to increase their installation base through mobile search promotion can use this feature as customers can click either on your ad headline or on a link to your app. This is a great way to provide access to your website as well as to your app. If your primary goal is to drive app downloads, app promotion ads (which link to apps exclusively) might be the better option.

Why should I implement App Extensions?

Over 80% of time spent on a mobile phone is spent in an App. So if you have an App for your business, why not promote it along side your ads?

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.59.46.png


Adding app extensions to your ad is free, but any clicks on the app extension will cost the same as clicks on the text ad (a standard CPC).


Some of the great features of App Extensions include:

  • Flexibility: You can add app extensions to accounts, campaigns, and ad groups.
  • Detailed reporting: See how many clicks you receive on each part of your ad when an app extension appeared, such as clicks to your ad's headline compared to clicks on the app extension. Break these statistics down by campaign, ad group, or ad.
  • Customized for different devices: You can create mobile-optimized app extensions to show on mobile devices, or disable specific app extensions on the devices you choose.
  • “Smart” detection of app store and device: If you create an extension for each app store, we'll show the store link that corresponds to the customer's device, so, someone on an iOS device will see your Apple App Store link. We'll also show the app extension link that corresponds to a customer's device type, so if your app only runs on tablets, we won't display that app extension link to a customer using a mobile phone.

How can I track the effectiveness of App Extensions?

As with all extensions, you can navigate to the Ad extensions tab and select “View: Call Extensions” from the drop-down menu to show a table with the associated reviews and performance statistics including clicks, impressions, and click through rate (CTR).

Read more about measuring the effectiveness of ad extensions here.



What do App Extensions look like?

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 13.29.28.png



I’ve enabled App Extensions, why are they not showing?

First make sure that you have correctly added the extension by following the instructions here. But bear in mind that it could just be the case that other extensions you have enabled are taking preference, or you may need to increase your bid or your ad quality (or both). You can read more about why Ad Extensions might not be showing here.

Anything else to know about App Extensions?

Ads with mobile app extensions enabled see a 5.8% increase in average CTR, so if you have an App, get this extension!

Ready to implement App Extensions? Get started here.


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