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AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Google Employee

Hi All,

Let's give a very special welcome to our friend Harris - he is the winner of our March Madness Community Account Development Opportunity."Welcome Harris". Here are some details about Harris' business and his optimization goals. 
Venture Computers of Canada Inc. has been providing printer sales and service expertise to corporate and private clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area since 1988. Here's his website. Harris is the business owner and manages the AdWords campaign. Thank you Harris. We are really excited to get this going. 
Harris is looking for help with the following: 
1. Increasing sales
2. Improve Quality Scores

His basic stats are: 

Clicks: 339

Impressions: 21,347



Top Keywords: 

General Printer & Plotter Repair - 182 Clicks, 14,647 Impressions, 1.24% CTR

HP Printer Repair - 20 Clicks, 154 Impressions, 12.99% CTR



Campaign type:

Search Only


Targeted Locations:

  • Ajax, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Aurora, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Brampton, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Concord, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • East York, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Georgetown, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Maple, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Markham, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • North York, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Oakville, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Pickering, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Thornhill, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Unionville, Ontario, Canada (neighborhood)
  • Vaughan, Ontario, Canada (city)
  • Whitby, Ontario, Canada (city)

Ad Rotation: Optimize for conversions: Show ads expected to provide more conversions


Bid Strategy: 

Focus on clicks, automatic bidding, CPC bid limit: CA$3.50.




I will now leave the field open for you all and Harris to discuss further.


Feel free to ask him questions or if you need any clarification to help him achieve his goals.
Request: Please provide your suggestions one step at a time so Harris finds it easy to navigate and implement. 
Let's put our expert advice together and help Harris!
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Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Good morning, Harris, and welcome to the AdWords Community!


You have two goals--increase sales and increase keyword quality scores. I assume that the latter is around reducing CPA--cost-per-acquisition of your sales?  


Since these two things are intertwined, let me open with a few questions. (I'm breaking the "one at a time" rule already, but these are just for more information, so we can offer better suggestions.)


What match types are you using for keywords?

How often do your review search queries for new keywords or searches to be blocked? 

How are your ads performing--what CTRs are you seeing? How often do you test new ad messaging? 

Are the numbers Shanea shared with us for traffic on Google only, or for Google + Search partners? 


The data provided doesn't offer any conversion rates. Why kind of sales/lead/conversion rate are each of these initiatives producing so far?




Google AdWords Top Contributor

Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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I am a small business owner who helps Corporations with printers needs and printer supplies. A father of 3, I started my  business in 1989 to help businesses with computer and printer problems in greater Toronto. Prior to raising my family, I worked in the corporate world as a sales person. Today I offer a wide range of printer related products and printers manage services  – from desktop printers to expensive high end multi-function machines. 


Thanks so much for everyone's contribution. I am very excited to be part of this opportunity. 

To answer your questions Theresa,


1. I'm am using a combination of Phrase match, exact and broad match and modifier

2. I could probably check more on keywords to review.

3. I have good CTR but I need to increase impressions. "printer repair" has 48c, 1014i and 4.73%CTR. "fix printers" 4c, 49i, 8%CTR.

4. Google Traffic only

Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Top Contributor

Hello Harris and welcome;

First, let me say that it is  really a great challenge to take corporate experience  and set a B2B business. Furthermore; keeping this business,  flourishing for almost 25 years, through the "ups and downs" of the economy is something to be proud of.   : Smiley Happy


I have a few comments about the landing page. But, I will keep them for a later stage of this case study.  I want to focus, now, on the campaign itself:


Two figures you provided caught my attention: using broad match and the (relatively) low budget;

In this case, I would focus on exact match keywords, and phrase match and pause the broad match. With a budget relatively low, you can't "afford" clicks which  do not convert.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Hi Harris

I would like to add my inputs here, i suggest that you change your automatic bidding setting to manual bidding as your daily budget is less as compared to the CPC bid limit. As you have mentioned that you want to increase impressions, please check your impression share and lost impression share metrics to have an clear picture over impressions that you are losing. Add these columns drop down menu and select customize columns add the metrics from Competitive metrics option.

My views!


Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Good morning, again, Harris.


Okay, your CTR is  acceptable, overall. I would still break it down--review CTR on a keyword-by-keyword basis. I would doubt that your Broad and Modified Broad keywords are getting that high of a CTR unless you've already put a lot of time into researching the Search Terms report to block unwanted searches via negative keywords.


To improve traffic, and increase impressions, let's look at your keywords. While "printer repair" is a decent keyword, have you stopped to consider whether or not it's the way a corporation would search for services online?  I think a corporation might be inclined to use searches like "printer repair service" since companies think more in terms of ongoing services than one-shot events.


I would strongly recommend you experiment with the Keyword Planner (on the Tools menu in your account) to help you find new keywords that fit the audience you're looking for. Use these to create tightly themed Ad Groups and write ads that specifically speak to the corporate customer.  


The Search Terms report is also a great place to find new positive keywords. These are your potential customers entering these search terms so identifying frequently used searches and adding those to your campaign as new keywords is a good strategy.


Trying not to overload you in one post, so I'll stop there for now. Smiley Happy

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Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Another thought is that I would strongly encourage you to test new ad messaging, to see if you can find messaging that pulls more clicks or more clicks from the "right" searchers.


I see that you have your ads currently set to "optimize for conversions."  


That's a good setting to use after a campaign has stabilized and is producing the results you want but right now, when you're going to be making a number of changes and trying new things, I would recommend that you switch the ad serving to "rotate evenly."  As you add new keywords and try new ad text, you want all of these elements to get an equal chance of serving available traffic. Using any "optimizer" settings doesn't provide that fair chance  since any optimizer tends to keep doing whatever it thinks worked yesterday.


Once you're done making changes and after performance has stabilized where you want it, then you can turn the optimizer setting back on.

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Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭
hi Abhishek,
thanks for your input. Does manual input required more attnention from my part ?
what would the busget be ? Iwill follow your step to do th eimpression share

Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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HI Moshe,
what would suggest my budget be ?

Re: AdWords Community Development Winner! - Venture Computers

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Hi Theresa,
thank you for your message. I am going through with it ...and I am considering som eof the methods you suggest and I dont want to be over loaded ! thanks