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2015 Campaign Planning

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Are you getting ready to start your 2015 campaigns now that the Holiday sales are over? Mairead and I take you through some important data points to consider when launching new campaigns.



What data do you review before starting or changing a campaign? Tell us in the comments below!

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Re: 2015 Campaign Planning

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I'd firstly start with the account structure, to have one campaign or ad group per product/service. If some of those require a separate budget/location/language, I'd go with a separate campaign.


Also, if the business requires display advertising, I'd go with a separate campaign to avoid budget being eaten up by either of the networks in a single campaign. Speaking of making changes to an existing campaign, I'd look at the following data points for Search:

Impression Share: I'd add the columns Lost IS (rank) and Lost IS (Budget) to understand if the campaign is losing out on rank or budget. This would give us an approach to start working on.

Search Terms: Pulling this report at least once a week would help understand the quality of traffic the campaign is getting. I use it to identify effective match types, also to get ideas about keywords and negatives. This would ensure relevant traffic, also help increase CTR & quality score eventually.

Auction Insights: To understand avg. position of ads, so we can tweak bids to achieve a higher position.

CTR: When traffic is relevant and ads are shown in a decent position, CTR helps in gauging ad text effectiveness. Based on the number, I'd consider changing the ad text. Of course best practices like engaging headline, call to action phrases, intercapitalisation, discounts, etc attract clicks from relevant audiences.

Device Level Performance: I find changes to the interface and reporting post enhanced campaigns really useful, as device level performance is readily available. I'd take a call on mobile bid adjustment based on the avg. position on mobile and hope to get the CTR up.

Location Level Performance: Same goes with location as well. I'd increase bids on more competitive locations to acheive higher position and better CTR

Hour of the day: Performance by hour under dimensions would help understand how and when bids should be tweaked. Identifying peak - off peak & changing bids accordingly would help in spending more when it is required. Yes, Ad Schedule Bid adjustment is what I'd be using.

Conversions: The ultimate motive! Given all of these factors are in place, or decent enough at least I'd consider changing the landing page, if conversions aren't good enough. Clear call to action, relevant & useful info, ease of navigation, load time are factors I'd improve.

For Display, I'd consider widening the reach initially and eventually identify profitable placements. Creating ad groups based on targeting criteria rather than one ad group per product or service is a good structure I'd say. One ad group each for keywords, topics & interests is the structure I'd start with. I'd let the campaign run for a while to identify placements and target them in a separate ad group with higher bids.


Engaging ads of course are very important in display, so changing them would be a frequent task to identify better performing ones. I'd go with remarketing in a separate ad group, based on either not converted visitors or even converted, based on the product/service and the objective. Bidding high on demo is one option I'd consider if the product/service is closer to a specific age/gender.

Pulling placement reports, identifying negatives, adding profitable placements and bidding high on them are a few changes I'd frequently make to an existing campaign.

I'm sure there are a lot more insights out there. I'd love to see them.



Sumanth Sridhar

Re: 2015 Campaign Planning

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Valuable information shared Kathleen.. And also great timing of this video since most of us are doing an audit on the last year campaigns and trying to make changes..

Auction insights is also an important metric that some one should check at time i believe. For me it gives me valuable information against whom my brand is competing in the adwords auction and i can make changes according to the data received. Auction insights along with impression share,lost impressions, etc gives you valuable info to make strategic changes i would say.

Using the flexible bid strategies based on the data received from the auction insights is also really good if you desperately want to rank on top and gain a lot of clicks/conversions on your market.. I am not that good at this and just started doing the flexible bidding for last couple of weeks and hope some one can share more detailed insights..

Re: 2015 Campaign Planning

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I found many updates of my AdWords knowledge from this video. thanks.