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12 Questions with Matt Tutt (Community Member of the Week)

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# 1
Community Manager

Today we're bringing you the second installment in our "new and improved "  Community Member of the week series, in which we learn more about the background and everyday life of a fellow member of the AdWords Community.


@Matt T is a PPC and SEO specialist who has been working with AdWords for the past three years. Read on to learn about how he balances his AdWords work, his (many!) side projects, and his travel!




1. What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

Interesting, inquisitive and sporty.


2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

As with most of my school friends I wanted to become a professional footballer - I was in love with playing and never wanted to do anything else, but sadly it always remained a dream! Instead I get my football fix by playing with friends and also by blogging about football.




3. What do you do for work now?

I’m working as a PPC and SEO specialist at Matt Tutt Digital Marketing. I specialise in helping small businesses to maximise their visibility online - through either paid search advertising on Google AdWords, Bing or Facebook, or by carrying out Search Engine Optimisation on and off-site.  


4. How long have you been using AdWords?

 For around 3 years now - so relatively new still. It’s a cliche but I do feel like I’m learning new things all the time, which is also one of the things I love about using AdWords.


5. What is the most recent piece of AdWords knowledge you’ve learned?

 I actually stumbled upon a really interesting Whitepaper released by Google about making the most out of Automated bidding which taught me quite a lot about using this bidding method which I hadn’t previously used too much.


6. Best marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Keep it simple, stupid (KISS) is always one piece of advice that I keep in mind when I’m working on any kind of marketing material. It’s very easy to overcomplicate things, so I like to try my best to keep things as simple as possible - and I think this applies in many areas of online marketing too, especially when it comes to PPC reporting!


7. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

 The Alps in Switzerland has to be my highlight so far but there are still many places I’d like to travel to. What I love about Switzerland is that you can be in a very modern and vibrant city like Zurich one moment, and then within an hour or so drive you can find yourselves surrounded by snow in the mountains. I love going on hikes in the mountains when I have some free time, and it’s also a brilliant way to switch off after a long week of intensive computer work!





8. What’s unique about where you live now?

 I’m living in a town that is based in 2 countries - Konstanz is in Germany and also has a Swiss part too. A lot of Swiss people like to come shopping in Germany as it’s a lot, lot cheaper. Another interesting thing about living around here is that it’s pretty much illegal to do any work on a Sunday - no complaints from me!


9. What does a typical day look like for you?

Usually I’ll start working from home for a few hours - catching up on client emails and scheduling my workload for the rest of the day, whilst also reading up on any search engine marketing gossip. Around mid-morning I’ll head into town to work from some nice quiet cafe’s, where I can enjoy a good (non-machine!) coffee. In the afternoon I may head to a nearby Coworking space to get the main bulk of my work done - although it’s great working freelance it’s also nice to get back into a typical office environment to be working around others with fewer distractions.


10. If you had an extra hour every day, how would you spend it?

 It’s always hard keeping up with all the changes in the Search Engine marketing industry so it would be nice to have some time set aside for this. Otherwise I’d love to spend the time working on some of my side projects which include a football blog and a blog about wild food!


11. What’s been the most fun experience you’ve had or project you’ve worked on in the past year?

 I’ve actually had a lot of fun setting up a digital marketing agency for hotels called The Hotel Marketer, which is a bit of a side business right now but by creating this it’s meant I’ve had to learn a bit more about web development and other business things that I’ve not typically dealt with.


12. What’s coming up this year that you’re most excited for?

 Exploring more of the Swiss countryside with friends that are coming over to visit from the UK - travel is something that I’m trying to find more time for, which is lucky considering the type of work I’m doing! I’m also really interested to see how things develop in the paid search environment, especially with the recent Google ad format changes.

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Re: 12 Questions with Matt Tutt (Community Member of the Week)

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Thanks again to Matt for sharing a little about himself with us!

Re: 12 Questions with Matt Tutt (Community Member of the Week)

Explorer ✭ ✭ ✭
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Explorer ✭ ✭ ✭
Nice to get a glimpse into the life of another contributor! I would love a ban on Sunday Work! I'm contacting my local government representative now!