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Googler Spotlight: Shawn Sieu

Community Manager
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Community Manager


This was pulled from the Badged Google Partners Community.


Today, we welcome +Shawn Sieu  to the Badged Google Partners Community. He will focus on posting about Shopping in the community. Like +Megan Sjulin, whom we introduced yesterday, he works in Advertiser Services. Shawn will focus on Shopping and Analytics.

Tell us a bit about your path to becoming a Googler.

Prior to Google, I was studying Political Economy at the University of California Berkeley. At Berkeley, I was involved with a non-profit, the Associated Students of the University of California, which served as the University’s student government. During my tenure there, I revamped their internship program from the ground up and created a new full-cycle recruiting process for the organization. After graduation and before I started Google, I had the opportunity to travel around the world to experience new sights and to interact with diverse peoples. 

Which skills do you consider indispensable to your work?

There are four skills that I consider imperative: relationship building, probing, critical thinking, and consulting skills.

The ability to foster relationships and build trust over the phone or through emails is needed for success.  Communicating with new people gives me energy and in order to successfully navigate through a solution, it is extremely important to practice the four skills simultaneously. For instance, when a client calls in asking to increase their ROI, I have to practice probing by getting to the root issues: Are you measuring conversions? How? 

After uncovering the client’s goals and after analyzing the additional information from probing, critical thinking is needed to piece together resources and product knowledge in order to come up with a plan.

Finally, consulting the client and guiding them through implementation is critical: not only is trust needed in this situation but the client must understand the “why” behind a suggestion or issue. 

What most excites you about working with the Google Partners Community?

This is simple: the ability to share breakthrough information that has the ability to positively impact large businesses. There is so much information that advertisers can use on their campaigns that is kept in our files and only exposed when someone calls in and asks a question. I’m excited to find and write about the most recent updates to share to the community and to keep them on the cutting edge. 

What is the most important thing our members should know about Shopping, Analytics and general AdWords?
    • Shopping: Use Merchant Center Promotions!
    • Analytics: Always Add Referral Exclusions For Third Party Payment Platforms 
    • AdWords:  Use campaign experiments to test out potential  changes to a client’s account before actually implementing those changes.

If you could use just one Google product other than AdWords for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Google Translate- The absolute key to communication while traveling! 

When you’re not at Google, or in front of a computing device, what are you most likely to be doing?

I will most likely be collecting Hotel Points/Airline Miles, booking airline award tickets for family and friends, or reading travel blogs. 

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Re: Googler Spotlight: Shawn Sieu

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Thanks for sharing Yvonne, great bio Shawn!