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Utilizing RLSA To Improve Performance

One of the lesser known ways that advertisers use to target potential clients is utilizing the RLSA feature in their campaigns.


Remarketing lists for search advertising (RLSA) allows one to be able to remarket ads to customers who have previously been to the site. Essentially, it will allow you to increase the chances of the ad showing by allowing you to bid higher for this demographic. The rationale behind this, as with remarketing as a whole, is that users who have been to a site are more likely to return and thus complete the desired conversion action.


When creating these lists, do keep in mind some best practices:



  • Segment Out Your Clients: remember that RLSA works best when you can narrow down your target audience, specifically to what kinds of people have been to a particular page. Since RLSA lists will be applied on an ad group level, you can then apply the list to a specific product line that you are trying to promote in a particular adgroup. You can segment this out by making a remarketing list containing people who have been to very specific parts of the site.
  • Set Bid Adjustments: since you are essentially seeking to show your ads to people who have already been to your site, you can help to increase your chances of the ad showing again by setting a bid adjustment. The idea behind this is the system will bid higher for people on your RLSA list as they are considered “high priority”.


  • Have A Large List Size: Remember that RLSA works best with relatively large sample sizes. While the minimum is 1,000, it is best to only start a RLSA campaign if you know you can generate a list larger than the minimum.